Monday, May 8, 2017

Amelia is ONE!!!

My darling baby girl.  I cannot believe you're one!  You're officially a toddler and each day becoming more toddler like, ha!

At your 12 month check up (you're a healthy girl!)
23.95 lbs

From month 11 to 12, you really started interacting and "playing" more!

You started lying on a pillow to play like you're going to sleep, picking up a baby doll (and any stuffed animal), putting it on your shoulder and patting it.  Such a mama thing to do!

You get really angry if we tell you no or take something away.  😬  Oliver is a rough and tumble boy, so naturally you are tough, too.  You can take tumbles, bump your head, or fall down and you get right up, almost as if it didn't happen.  You did have your first bloody lip, though.  I can't remember what happened, and you've had a couple more since then 🙈, but you didn't cry long.  

Your favorite books are the ones that have different textures on them and you like to turn pages.  Where Is Baby's Belly Button makes you laugh so hard.  Also, you throw a fit if you don't get to hold a book while I'm reading a book.  Miss Independent.  

If any spare clothing is on the floor, you pick it up and carry it around.  Shoes, too.  And the recycling.  😂  You'll point to things, let out a kind of grunt, and look at us.  We think it's you asking, "what is this?"  

*never gets old*

When you play with toy food, you smack you lips like you're eating it.  So cute!!!  And my word you are a climber.  Please don't climb out of your bed, ok?

If my phone is left in your sight, you pick it up and run the other way and laugh.  STINKER!  

I wasn't as diligent about teaching you sign language as I was with Oliver.  You do know "milk" and kind of sign "all done" and you can point to your cup when you want it.  So, communication is happening!  You also pull on my shirt and sign "please" so you can nurse.  And then nose dive into it.  Related:  when will you wean?? 😂  (I'm not in any hurry, sweet girl.)

You love your new swing!  It's nice to have something to strap you in, lol.  Our yard doesn't have a fence on a couple sides, so you always run for the driveway.  

You and Oliver have started taking baths together and you have so much fun splashing!  We just have to keep telling you to not stand up. 😜

My beautiful, spunky, precious, fiery baby girl.  I love you so very, very much!  Your first year was a joy and you taught me so much.  Thank you for being you.  

May the stars always align for you...

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