Thursday, December 6, 2018

Amelia is 2!!! (Plus almost 8 months. Oops.)

Dearest Amelia,

My sweet, sweet girl.  I'm so sorry it's taken me so long to write to you about your 2nd year.  As I type this, you're closer to three and have grown so much, but for the sake of solid record keeping, I'm going to keep it about all the things before you turned TWO.  I'm so glad I keep notes on my phone!

28 lbs
36 in

You really started loving books and your baby.  (Or, babies, rather, since you have several and love them all.)  You call your baby, Mama.  Which is the cutest thing. 

You got your molars and canines at the same time (around 14 months).  You had been super fussy and then I thought to look in your mouth.  YOWZA.  It explained a lot, bless your heart.  

You started talking more!!!  Oliver was a great translator for us (and still is).  Here's some of what you were saying:

BeeBee - cup
Mana - banana
Mana - Moana
Badadai - balloon
Dadadai - Christmas tree
Neena - Santa
Neena - stand up
Dabai - jacket
Haaaa - hat
Apple - apple
Oweo - Oliver
Aimee - airplane
"I ooooaaaaayyy" - "I'm okay"
My Yi - My turn
Hap - help
Waawee - water 
Babum - bottom
Pees - please
Yewoo - hello and yellow
Beebabee - strawberry and grape
Helicopter and avocado sounded the same
Peek-a-boo and Paw Patrol sounded the same 

You were into everything!!!!  Oh my word.  We would open drawers and find random cups and toys you had stashed during the day.  You liked to just carry around bags or purses and stuff them with all kinds of things.  Napping became a challenge.  You were just too interested in playing, I guess.  We could not turn our backs, you loved to sweep and clean, and always wanted the trash can closed.  If I gave you a washcloth, you just walked around wiping everything down.  

We're still trying to figure out your discipline.  Time-outs?  Don't really bother you.  One time, you went and knocked over Oliver's blocks and walked straight to the time-out mat.  Like, "I'm going to do this then just do my time."  

You added more states to your roster (IN, SC, NC) and went to the Atlantic Ocean!

You didn't really watch TV until you discovered Moana.  You. Were. In. Love.  Those were your requested songs at bedtime for quite some time.  Bubble Guppies also became a favorite!

You randomly used the potty one day.  Your face was hilarious and you and I were both shocked.  Also, you are very opinionated about what clothes and shoes you want to wear. 

First nail painting!!  It was everything I had hoped for!

First (not great) haircut by me.  You weren't sure about it at first, but you got a sucker.   

You dropped a sucker.  

I cannot believe you're two!  It has flown by and continues to speed up, it seems.  We celebrated your big day at Grammie and Paads' house with cousins and cupcakes.  Your favorite gift was the play makeup we got you.  And you definitely wanted a Paw Patrol balloon (not a unicorn like I was hoping for), so that's what you got.

Amelia, you are so - stinking - cute, as we say.  Your fearlessness and bravery (except when it comes to the sound of the vacuum and lawnmowers - haha!) is something to behold.  And you're so smart and sweet and spicy, too. I'm incredibly proud and honored God chose me to mother you.  We love you, sister! 

May the stars always align for you... 

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