Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Sweet Home Alabama

What else would I title a post about us being in Alabama?  I mean, seriously.

The past two weekends we were in Dothan, AL and Enterprise, AL.  (Between those shows, we camped and I will post about that soon.)  It was the first time for us to be in that area and both churches were amazing and we had incredible experiences! 

We got to the hotel in Dothan and had a gift basket waiting for us with water in the fridge, too.  Gift baskets do not always happen.  We do not require them nor ask for them.  And each time we receive one, I get so excited and DIG. IN.  (Also, the rubber bin came in handy for me to wash dishes in when we camped.  Win-Win.)

We got to town on Saturday evening and it was awesome to go ahead and sound check then.  That way, Sunday morning wasn't quite so early.  (We all need our beauty sleep.)

We grabbed a bite to eat and went back to the hotel where we practiced.  Because I'm new at this whole singing thing.  And I get all up in my head about certain harmonies.  (And yes, I set a timer to take a picture.  I'm the family historian.)   

Sunday worship was great!  In addition to leading the contemporary service, we did special music for the traditional service.  I wish I got a picture of the sanctuary.  It was old and beautiful.  The traditional Methodist services always remind me of my childhood so very much.  I actually love them.  The choir robes, the pipe organ, the men and women in their Sunday best, the liturgy.  It's so sweet.

During the evening sound check, while I was getting merch ready, some kids came in to ask for Trent's autograph.  It gets me every time.  So cute.  And he is so gracious with them.

Thank you Mike and Andy!!!  We had a fabulous time at FUMC Dothan!  
(Thanks also to Pastor Jim and Sally, not pictured.)
(Yes, Trent and I were matchy-matchy and wearing green for St. Patrick's Day.  Yes, I was to blame.  He's a good sport.)

{Then we camped and all that jazz.} 

After camping, we got to our hotel in Enterprise and I was so excited to have room and not be in a tent and to be warm and to have a real mattress and so this is what I did.

And my goodness, another gift basket.  I have never!  I think Alabama should have a new license plate phrase.  It should say, "Alabama, the gift basket state."  Yes?

Crossroads Church is a 5-year-old church plant.  They meet on Sunday mornings in a movie theater!  So cool.  We've been to several church plants and it's neat to see where church happens.  God is extremely creative, isn't He?  Enterprise is a military town (Fort Rucker), so they see a lot of families leave and see many soldiers deploy.  This means their congregation changes a lot.  They handle it very well.   

Thanks, Rachel for lending us your office before the service.  It was warm, inviting, and smelled good.  And the coffee was excellent! 

The PM show was in the church's new café.  We loved the look.  And those letters?  Foam and poster board with lights from Big Lots.  Yep...a pinterest craft.  A pinterest craft now added to my to do list.  I'm sure I can find room in our apartment for some huge-ish letters.

Thank you, Gene and Leslie!  Y'all are awesome.  (No, Leslie and I didn't coordinate our jean jacket with scarf outfit.  We're just cool like that.)

We sold our only 2T shirt to Israel.  Well, to his parents.

"Izzy" is the cutest. 

And he loves him some Goldfish crackers.  

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