Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Wesley Statewide 2013

The past weekend, we went to Pulaski, MS to Timbercreek Camp for the Mississippi Wesley Foundation's Statewide Retreat.  (Say that 3 times fast.)  Something like 16 MS colleges were represented.  And if you're in Mississippi, you should look into renting the camp.  It is BEAUTIFUL and the owners are super sweet with hearts for Jesus. 

This trip, we brought a bass player with us.  He asked if he could bring his wife, so of course we said YES!  Here's Matthew and Natalie Melton...fellow Texans living in Nashville.  Matthew has played bass for pretty much everyone in the business and he's amazing.  Natalie is so cute and sweet and she laughed at my attempts at puns.  We had a great time and look forward to hanging out with them! 

This is where all the worship services were held.  I want to live in it.  (Not really, I just like the look.)

Speaker Olu Brown got the college students fired up for sure!  

So did Bishop Stevens.  We loved him!  He got up to speak after Trent sang and he said "I can remember back when white folk didn't have that much rhythm."  Best. Quote. Ever.  And after he spoke, Trent went up to him and said, "Man, I really enjoyed your word!  I could listen to you read the phonebook."  The Bishop got a kick out of it.  And hearing him speak solidified my desire to go to a black church.  

This checkerboard was in the dining room made from wood, tiles, and plastic plates.  My inner PE teacher came out and all I could do was think about how this would've been SO FUN on Fun Fridays.  I also told Trent (since he's so handy) he'd be making one for our backyard one day.

We got on the elevator to leave one day and someone left us a stinky little present.  Barf.  

During some down time, Trent decided to work on a song he's been writing.  We went to the green room and he finished it!  He's a professional people.  (Spoiler alert:  the song makes me teary-eyed every time.  You've been warned.) 

Y'all?  This group was remarkable.  They sang loud and pretty and with purpose.  I had to really focus on my duties on stage so I wouldn't get caught up in it.  But mercy.  The Holy Spirit was in the house.  Way cool to witness.

Here they are playing "Don't Forget the Lyrics."  (A game I desperately need in my life.)

Here's Matthew doing his thing.

I'm so focused.

Trent doing his thing.

There are lots more pics at the Statewide Wesley Mississippi Facebook page, if you wanna check them out.  (Thank you Phillip!)

The woman in the middle was sportin' her new Trent Monk shirt.  She had a matching beanie and was adorable!

Trent with some new fans...

The weekend was powerful.  It'll be one of those moments that we'll never forget.  We enjoyed every minute of it.

Thank you Mississippi!!!

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