Friday, February 8, 2013

The Day He Almost Surprised Me...

Let me tell you how it all went down...

We woke up this morning, like usual.  We poured the coffee, got settled on the couch and got the red blanket situated how we like it.  During this time, while we watch The Today Show, is when I grab the laptop and get caught up on all things social media.  We had decided tonight would be our Valentine's day since we'll be gone next Thursday.  

Then I remembered I had two bills to pay.  I paid the first one and then went to pay the second:  Trent's student loan from that semester of culinary school.  I could not, for the life of me, remember the name of the company!  (Early AM brain fart for sure.)  So, I logged on to our bank's site to search transactions from last month, hoping the name would be there.  

I should have waited.  I should have waited until later, when I could search through my file cabinet.  But I didn't.  And there it was.  I saw it.  

Right there on the home screen were our balances.  Checking, savings and a credit card WE NEVER USE.  It had a balance on it.  I immediately said, "what in the world is this?"  

Not in an accusing - what did you buy without telling me - oh no you didn't tone.  But in an I'm concerned - someone stole our card infotone.

Bless his heart.  

You see, we spend LITERALLY 24/7 together.  It is virtually impossible to surprise one another.  And he almost did.  He was going to tell me tonight when we celebrated.  Ugh.  It broke my heart.  

But, I had no idea what it could be!  I honestly was hoping for a bacon press, but the amount on the card did not equal a kitchen purchase.  So, I told him I wouldn't even think about it because I would still be surprised.

We laughed.  Then, he went to the store to get some eggs.  When he came back, he surprised me with a card.  Which made us both cry.  (It's even hard to surprise each other with cards since we do everything together.)

But he managed.

He told me to wait until we ate to open it.  I complied, scarfing down my scrambled eggs, barely drinking any water.

In addition to a sweet message, there was a PS:

"It's almost impossible to surprise you and I almost pulled it off.  So close!!  Check the trentmonktour email."

As instructed, I went to gmail and opened an email with ticket information.

He remembered something I said one time, WEEKS ago just in a normal conversation.  He remembered.  

And there it was.  Our confirmation of tickets to see P!NK in March in Nashville!!!

We cried.  We hugged.  We pecked.  

I am the luckiest girl.

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