Thursday, February 28, 2013

There's this pair of pants...

This post is about a pair of pants that I have.

(This was taken last summer.  Note the super blonde hair.)  

For the record, I don't normally front tuck.  I was simply pointing out the cute two button detail at the waist.  I like it.  It's very nautical, I think.

So, about the pants...

Summer 2011, we were at my sister Carrie's house.  Blake (her son) was napping, Trent went for a run, and Carrie was working from home.  Naturally, I decided to nap as well.

I noticed a box on the coffee table.  It was a large cardboard box with the lid (is it called a lid?) open.  My nosey nature curiosity got the best of me.  I got up and looked in it.  Clothes.  

I asked Carrie, "What are these for?"  She said, "Those are the clothes of Julie's that didn't sell in our neighborhood garage sale." 

(Julie is our other sister).

My cheap frugal mind started to turn.  "I could potentially find some free clothes here."   

I found a cute shirt that fit and I was excited.  Then I saw a pair of pants with the tags still on them.  The tags said '6 Long Maternity.'  Bummer.  They were so cute.  But, I was fine with my shirt find, so I went to the couch again.

*Insert inner-monologue*

"Hmmmm...I wonder if '6 Long Maternity' is like a regular 10 or 12 long?  I wonder if I should try them on just for fun?"  

Just for fun.

(I'm assuming you are beginning to see where this is going.)

Yep.  In case you were wondering, a '6 Long Maternity' is definitely like a regular 10 or 12 long.  Complete with elastic back of waist and all.  I liked the pants.  And, because I have no shame, I took those too.

They are so comfy.  Wide leg and low-rise, but not too low-rise.  (There's a fine line, ladies.)  Plus, they're made out of a stretchy chino material that, even after hours of wear, maintains structure and doesn't make you look like you #2'd your pants.  They can also be dressed up or down.  An important characteristic to me.

In conclusion...

I own and wear a pair of maternity pants and I'm not pregnant.  Don't judge.  You'd like them too.

Anyone out there have a similar story?  Anyone?  Bueller?

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