Wednesday, February 6, 2013

:: Amarillo By Morning ::

After the lovely Christmas with mi familia, we made the trip back up to Canada Amarillo for a little more family time up there.  

Meet Harley.  He's the Man Cat.  His sister, the Hoobie-doo, is Davidson.  She's a bit anti-social/snobby, so only Harley was photographed.  I don't know why, but this picture cracks me up. 

Some South Dakota family (whom we had never met) came down for the festivities.  They are amazing people and I'm glad I know them.  Ginny's "sister-cousins" (it's a long story...but don't worry, there's no incest) and their hubs.  Shirley, Rex, Delores and Mike.  

We all went to see Bill (Ginny's dad) at the Vet home.  We got Popeye's Chicken (I dare you not to sing "love that chicken from popeye's") and ate in the dining room.  This man, Bill's friend, decided to play some music for us.  It was precious.  He was very good!  We all clapped when he finished.  Then he offered us pie and we all declined and I felt bad because he's old and obviously wanted to share his spoils but, really, who takes pie from people they don't know?  Bless him.  I'm sure he recovered.

We had a little gift-giving sesh.  We gave Travis and Amy some wine and a dish mat.  I love my dish mat.  Not only does it have turquoise and red and yellow roosters on it, it helps me be lazy and not dry dishes.  You just put them there and let them sit and you put them up later.  Maybe the next day even!  It's a gift that keeps on giving the whole year.  (Name that movie.)

We got Ginny and Tim a canvas of a family pic. It was hilarious because they got us THE SAME picture matted and framed!  It was kind of like gift of the magi but not really.  

T and I don't exchange gifts, but I broke all the rules and surprised him with this super awesome, comfy, $7.99 lumbar support pillow.  He actually loved it.  And he needs it.  (I'm sure my  'Wife of the Year' award will be here next week.)

I need to point out my new obsession.  This fleece.  It's my MIL's and I kind of stole it.  Not really, though.  I adopted it while we were in town and she ended up giving it to me.  I CAN'T STOP THIS FLEECE.  Trent said I look very Santa Fe.  I asked if that was like mountain people fashion and he said "well, stylish mountain people."  I'll take it.

Trent cooked a brisket for New Year's and it was scrumptious.

We had a Secret Santa and Oh. My. Word.  It was funny.  Mostly because of Trent's gem....

See?  Told ya.  Antonio Banderas cologne. 

Oh, and if you were wondering, this is how a Monk starts a stubborn fire.  Blow Torch.


On New Year's Day, we went to Trent's mom's house for our Christmas/New Year get-together.  She gave me an antique tin filled with nail polish.  So, naturally, I told her she "nailed it!"

Happy 2013!

(About a month late.)

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