Saturday, April 6, 2013

Camping is IN-TENTS: Part II

The last time we camped was over a year ago.  We were pumped to find out we were going to be able to do it again.  And we did a couple weeks ago.  At our favorite Florida State Park, Suwannee River SP.  

This post has lots of pics of food and selfies.  Consider yourself warned.

(Let me start by saying that when I checked the weather for our 5 nights of camping, the forecast was high in the low 80s and lows in the 50s.  The perfect weather.  That would change.) 

When we got to our site, it was a very nice day.  This is the before:

This is the after.   Beautiful, isn't it? 

The first night, we Trent had to prep under our awning.  (Side note: we are currently obsessed with brussel sprouts.)

We went to bed and were woken up by thunderstorms.  I freaked out.  Lightening, heavy rain and we're under trees in a tent.  Es no bueno in my opinion. Trent was calm and tried to assure me we were fine.  Considering the amount of rain that fell, our tent stayed pretty dry.  My suitcase however, and Trent's TOMS (which were left outside), had to spend the next day drying out via box fan.

The coffee bar/kitchen/storage:

And here's the dish washing station:

It's kind of our tradition to take a pic of our site.  (Or lots of pics, but whatever.)

It was a beautiful day and so we went on a hike/walk/run.  Suwannee has awesome trails.

It's hard to see, but this pole has bands marking where past flood waters have been.  The very top one was from 1948.  Whoa.

And we played on the playground =)

It's a Monk rule (maybe it's my rule) that every camping meal needs to start with fried potatoes. If Yankee Candle Company made a Camping scented candle, I'm quite certain it would smell like fried potatoes.

Or bacon...

And just so you know, a plastic-wrapped merch bin works well as a prep station.  Clever fella.

So after really nice weather, the next day we woke up to cold!  I'm thankful I randomly decided to pack warm clothes.  (Remember the forecast?  Yeah.  Didn't pan out.)

Thank the Lord we were only 15 minutes from a Walmart and we were able to get a space heater.  LIFE. SAVER.  

Overshare:  I didn't shave while camping.  No point.  Trent did, though.

We hiked some more and found some cool things.  Some we had been to before and some we hadn't.  The cemetery trail is pretty neat.  It's a short hike through well labeled brush and leaves and trees.  And it leads to this.  Kind of eery but mostly awesome.

A bridge that is still standing and has been there since before the Civil War.

Every evening we walked to this location and sat on a swing.

Because of the view.

The last night we branded a tree.  I, being a Nervous Nelly, was scared some park ranger or camp site director was going to catch us.  

Here it is!  We'll keep adding years to it and can't wait to show kiddos our "artwork." 

And lastly, this is how you have a late night snack while camping.  

We were able to get packed up and on the road in about an hour!  We are a well oiled machine when it comes to packing up.  We both know our roles well.  Thank God we did because after we left?  A giant downpour and cold front came through.  

I cannot imagine packing up in that mess.  No, thank you.

It looks like we'll be camping in California in June which we are SO EXCITED about!


  1. Electricity and running water? Cheaters. Seriously though, my stipulation of camping is that a real toilet has to be within walking distance. My husband reluctantly accepts my condition. In the end he is just happy that I will go camping.
    Looks like you had a lot of fun!!!

  2. Haha! Electricity, running water, and a toilet are my stipulations! This campsite has a GREAT bathhouse. Cleaned every day =)