Monday, July 15, 2013

A night in Starkville, MS

Some friends of ours in Starkville, MS are involved with a ministry called (Re)claimed Project.  They are doing awesome things in Botswana, as well as locally, and they planned a fundraiser to...well...raise funds!  Duh.  They were able to bring in Korie Robertson from Duck Dynasty for the guest speaker!  And we were able to play a few songs.  A musical snack, if you will.

We got to town and after changing and freshening up very quickly, we had to immediately get to the church for sound check in two different locations.  Here's Jason explaining the schedule of events.  

Everyone did a fabulous job decorating both spaces.  Very cute and very appropriate considering the speaker's occupation.  And I always say, "you can't go wrong with burlap and mason jars."  Kidding.  I don't always say that, but I do now.  Because it's true.

The second location was in the sanctuary and I loved the pallets they put on stage.

And when you are setting up and playing in two spots, with not a lot of time, this is how you carry stuff.  

We first heard Korie in a Q & A during the Sponsor's Dinner.  

After that, we rushed to the sanctuary to set up again before all the people showed up.  We did so flawlessly, I might add.  We played 3 songs before Korie  spoke.  Then, Trent introduced a video and the lights were dimmed.  As I was walking off stage, there she was sitting right there.  We shared a smile and a wave and that was it.  But I'll take it.

Hearing her share her and Willie's story was sweet.  I had no idea they met when she was a 3rd grader and he was a 4th grader!  Anyway, she shared their adoption journey and also talked about the show and other fun family facts.  She seems to be down to earth in person just like on the show, which is always refreshing.

I wish we could've met her, but it was not in the cards this time.  She was kept in other rooms before she spoke then whisked off right after.  And that's completely understandable!  There would've been a mob for sure.

I decided to tweet her after and SHE TWEETED ME BACK!  I favorited that sucker.  Here's my proof =)

So, who knows?  Maybe she'll become a huge Trent Monk (and wife) fan and then tell the family and then they'll just HAVE to have us on the show and then Ellen will see and then she'll shower us with musical equipment and baby stuff and money and let us come on her show!

A girl can dream, can't she?


  1. This is a nice blog you've got here. I stumbled across this entry when I searched "burlap in Starkville MS" ha! I'm glad my wondering brought me upon you! Cheers!

    1. Thanks! And how funny! Cheers to you =)