Friday, July 12, 2013

: : Let Freedom Ring : :

After leaving Tucson, the next stop for us was Amarillo for the 4th of July.  We decided to break up the drive (that seems to be our thing now) and stop in Melrose, NM to visit and spend the night with Mama Pat and Papa Tuck.

We saw some awesome storms on the way.  A definite blessing for New Mexico.  

We got to Melrose and enjoyed our time with Pat and Tuck.  Getting caught up and spending quality time with them is good for the soul.  I've pretty much claimed them as my grandparents.  (And we happen to eat very well there, too!)

Also, their 61st anniversary was on the 5th.  Check out these pictures of them. They were hipsters before hipster was hipster.  

We headed to Amarillo, unpacked the car and just chilled out.  
(And of course I needed the appropriate nail colors for the impending festivities.)

Travis got to the house on the 4th early to start the smoking of the meats.  And sweet Amy was out there the whole time.  Bless her.  Dealing with smoke and flies galore.

Me trying to conceal my tummy and Trent saying we have too many "serious pictures."  (I wasn't sure when I'd blog about the 4th, so I hid just in case I posted these pics before the news of Baby Monk was out there.)

The oh so clever arm conceal.  Ha!

One of the party attendees brought a Corn Hole set.  Do you know what this game is?  It's like washers and a bean bag toss and horseshoes all rolled into one.  It's great.  And you know what?  You're looking at the undefeated team right here.  I kind of want to make us some t-shirts with our new title.

The parentals discussing very important things....

I just love this picture.  It looks staged but it totally wasn't.

We went to Lue Anne's and Larry's and they have new kittens!  So much cuteness.  We named this guy Gary. 

The two litters are from two teenage sister cats and the kittens nurse on whichever one is in there.  I named them the Sister Wives.

We had a fabulous time with the family.  The 4th was fantastic.  Filled with delicious food, good friends and family, and pretty fireworks that surrounded us.  Nothing says America quite like BBQ and I right?

What'd you do on the Fourth of July?

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