Monday, July 29, 2013

Hampton, GA

About a week and a half ago, we left Nashville after only being home a few days, and headed to Hampton, GA.  Being close to Atlanta, it's not a long drive, but there will always be traffic in that place.  BUT, we made it through the ATL without any major jams and for that, we said hallelujah.

We did a show with Berea Christian Church and they had it at the pastor's house because their backyard is amazing and offers a fabulous place for a par-tay.  David and Janet (the pastor and his wife) have an awesome guest house that they always let us stay in whenever we're in town for a show (and always offer if we're passing through).  So we got to the house, set up, and rested in the nice digs.

Our banner we used as a back drop ended up ripping due to wind and Trent had to go fix it.  With duct tape.  You can take the boy out of Texas, but you can't take Texas out of the boy.  Or something like that.

He also, very cleverly, added some string.  It was like a sail.  Anyway, this was our set-up for the evening. 

Atlanta, in the summer, is not enjoyable.  (They don't call it Hot-lanta for nothing.)  But luckily, a rainstorm was a brewin' and that offered clouds and cooler temps.  We (us and the crowd) were so thankful!  PLUS the rain waited until later to fall.  The people of Berea are precious and always have kind and encouraging words for us.  We greatly appreciate it.

David and Janet were totally cool with us staying a few more days before we had to go to Florida.  The first morning we were there, we woke up to find a basket by our door.  It was filled with breakfast food, water, and snacks.  That was a sweet treat to see (and eat)!

After we got some work done, we got our tan on in their pool.  That orange thing?  Janet MADE IT.  Out of outdoor fabric and a bean bag chair insert.  It's the size of a king bed and we're convinced she needs to sell them.    

They also have lots of animals.  Four goats, a miniature horse, a donkey, 3 dogs and lots of chickens.  This is just a few of them.  We love going out to their residence and playing with them.  (And Trent really wants a donkey one day.)

They also have some cutie patootie kittens.  This is who we called Gary, even though they named him Jack, ha!  Related: how have we become cat people?  

We had to go into town and there was a big antique store I wanted to check out.  Mostly just to look, of course, but you never know what you'll find.  I LOVE this buggy.  It was $400.  Yowza.  

I did find this $5 sign.  You know, just in case we forget where our bathroom is in our 1 bed/1 bath apartment.

We had to practice a new worship song that we were going to be playing at our next stop.  You can see a bit of the guest house.  Isn't it great?

We so enjoyed our time in Hampton.  David and Janet go above and beyond in hosting.  They are gracious and giving and can cook, too!!  They've become dear friends and we are so thankful for our time with them.  It's always filled with great fellowship and we are blessed to know them.  

We got home last night after being in Florida for a week.  I made coffee this morning, only I forgot the coffee.  FAIL.  Can you say baby brain?

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