Friday, November 1, 2013

Dear Oliver

Dear Oliver,

Your daddy and I are eagerly awaiting your arrival next month.  (I can't believe I can now say next month!  Time flies.)  You are moving around a lot and it makes us smile and laugh and cry all at the same time.  Quite the experience.  

I wanted to tell you how we came up with your name.  Names are important and I can't wait to share with you face to face!  I've thought of what I'd name my kids since I was 13 and I will say that Oliver was never on my list. 

Until your daddy mentioned it.

When he and I were dating, Grammie and I went to see the play Oliver Twist.  At intermission, I called him, as he was on the road.  I told him what we were doing and he said, "you know...I've always loved the name Oliver for a little boy."  And that was pretty much that.  I loved it and we basically had you named before we were even engaged!  

Your middle name came later.  Tuck is your daddy's middle name and I just love it and always knew I'd have one.  Here's where the name comes from...

Your great-grandfather Papa Tuck's grandfather came to Mexico, MO from Kentucky with his widowed mother, sister, and at least one brother.  At some time, he moved to Wise County TX.  The others stayed in Missouri.  He then married and had several children.  When Papa Tuck's father was born they named him Tuck Noble, with the Tuck coming from Kentucky.  I'm sure he was missing and longing for his beautiful birthplace.  

Papa Tuck's father was the first Tuck, Papa Tuck the 2nd,  Tim the 3rd, and your daddy the 4th.  So you will be the 5th! 

And there you have it.  We love you so much, Oliver Tuck.  We can't wait to meet you!


(Or Mama)

(But please not Mom until you're 18.  Ok?)

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