Saturday, November 9, 2013

Never Again

I'm here to say I finally finished the darn thing.  I have Oliver to thank, really.  That nesting thing really gave me the kick in the pants I needed.  

It all started with a pin.  (The exact pin won't load, so here's a similar one, should you want to go down Crazy Lane and make a rug.)  I then ripped up a comforter I wasn't using and started the process.  

The rug wasn't hard at all.  It was very easy, in fact.  What made it take forever was cutting strips by hand.  (Maybe I should've followed the instructions and bought a rotary cutter?)  And the corduroy fabric wasn't as easy to work with as t-shirt material might be.

The beginning.

Halfway point!

I honestly thought I'd have more than enough brown corduroy comforter fabric.  I even had plans to make a pillow with the leftovers.  Somewhere around the above picture, I had the brilliant idea to start from the other end with the latching and hooking.  It was easier to maneuver that end of the canvas.

And of course, I ended up not having enough to finish, which left me with an awkward space to fill.  We went to Joann's to get some more but they didn't have the right brown.  I wanted some funky color, but my wise husband convinced me to go neutral.  We got cream corduroy.

Again, I thought 2 yards would be plenty.  But it wasn't and last week we went back for more.  And of course, they were out. 

For. The. Love. 

So, because I'm lazy a problem solver, I got some cream fleece.  And FINISHED THE RUG.

Trent even got involved because of course he knows how to fringe rugs.  (Jack of all trades.)

(Please don't look at our clutter/mess.)

We finished yesterday and it will stay in our house forever.  BECAUSE IT TOOK 2 YEARS. 

(A cool tidbit?  The original comforter was what Trent and I were sitting on when he proposed.)

She will eventually go in Oliver's room, but for now her home is under the coffee table.

I must say, I love her. 

(If you're ever in our humble abode, please don't stare at the two rows of fleece that don't match the other material.  I might go off.)


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