Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Oliver is 4 months!

Dear Oliver,

4 months?!?!  I cannot believe it.  It is going too fast, but it is oh so fun to watch you grow!

Your 4 month stats:
16.29 lbs (70th percentile)
27 in (99th percentile)

You are long and lean!

This month, you started rolling onto your side and you are trying so hard to get all the way over!  In time, Mister Man.  I promise it will happen.

You are super alert and still aren't napping much.  But you sleep well at night, and that's a trade off I'm okay with.  

We still have to swaddle you at bedtime!  It's the only way to get you focused on sleep.  You simply cannot get enough of your feet and if they're not wrapped up, you are trying with all your might to get those suckers in your mouth.  Will we still have to burrito you next month?  We shall see…

You've been to even more meetings with us and even participated in a radio interview.  You cooed perfectly.  Everyone still talks about your hair and we're quite okay with that; it is pretty amazing.  

You are teething and you also had your first cold.  We're not sure if it was a real cold or some congestion due to the teething, but it was sad.  Your cough was pitiful!  We just had to let it run its course and then you were fine.  You're such a tough little booger!

We are getting close to buying you a new car seat because you're such a big boy!  So big, in fact, you're already praying.  You put your hands together and pray to Jesus and it's because you love Him and you're a super baby =)

You recognize us and laugh and carry on and, as we say, "it warms it."  You have had a few meltdowns and it breaks our hearts.  But, hey!  You're a baby…it happens.

I love bedtime.  You like to hear singing and you like to have your face right by mine.  It's like you bury it in there.  Precious.  You've also started to grab my pinky and thumb and put my hand in your face when you're tired.  Again, precious.

You saw the Easter bunny!

And you still love music!

Sometimes I get so overwhelmed with love for you.  When I leave the room and come back and you smile at me?  Oh my.  You know I'm your mama and you know daddy is your daddy and it is something special.  

We love you so very much.  There is NOTHING you could ever do to make us stop loving you.  Nothing. 

You are our favorite. 



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  1. I just love reading things about that precious baby boy!! And don't worry, people will ALWAYS comment on his hair! lol My precious is 5 years old and everywhere, and I mean everywhere, we go he gets the "cotton top" comment. :) It's adorable!