Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Oliver is 6 months!

Dear Oliver,

I will start this letter the same way I've started others…how are you already 6 months old?  That's halfway to a whole year.  Your mama and daddy can't believe it.  The past month was a big one for you.  Lots of growth and changes!  It is so fun to watch and experience you becoming a big boy.

I must've been a bit off on your 5 month stats because here you go:
28 in (95th percentile)
18 lb 6 oz (69th percentile)

Long and Lean!

You have started to fuss when things you like are taken away.  It's kind of cute now, but I know it *might* lose its cuteness when you're a toddler…we'll see.  And you started rolling over from back to tummy!  Daddy and I both got to witness it the very first time.  So neat!


 Shortly after you figured out how to roll, you figured out how to get to something you want.  It takes you some time and some grunts, but you make it happen.  You're getting stronger each day and that makes us think you'll be crawling soon!

Changing your diaper and clothes could be an Olympic event.  You just have so many things to see and do and grab that it's hard for you to stay still for us!  Sometimes, Daddy has to hold your hands down while I take care of your business.  Ha!  (That also helps to keep your hands out of your poop.)

You seem to REALLY be trying to communicate.  You "babababa" all the time and we just KNOW you're telling us all about it.  And we think you're trying to say "Mama."  Of course it's more like "mamamama,"  but I'll take it.  

You love when Daddy plays the guitar and anytime music comes on TV, you stop and look.  It is precious.  You've met more babies and even had a play date with a sweet girl named Jane.  Y'all are both road babies!  The Bumbo is no challenge for you.  You escaped it twice and face planted on the floor.  It just startled you…no cries! We've tried it again since The Tumbles and you don't seem as eager to get out.

For some reason, you like to put your hands in my mouth.  I've stopped trying to fight it.  I think it's pretty cute.  You also still chew on my chin. (I know it's kisses.)  Sometimes, you like to cover your face with blankets and it worries me.  It's like you like the rush or something.  Eeek!  You've started clicking your tongue and you're quite proud of it.  That, too, is adorable.

You're officially unswaddled.  It was tough at first, but now you're a pro.  We started sleep training you, even though I didn't want to.  (You gave us no choice, little stinker.)  But, you're doing amazingly well; we're all getting more sleep!  And you sleep on your tummy now.  I put you down on your back and you roll over immediately.  Sometimes you hike up your leg and sometimes your little booty is up in the air.  Such a big boy!

Your laugh is hilarious.  I don't know how to describe it, but it's kind of throaty and gaspy.  Maybe even donkey-ish? Does that make any sense?  And sometimes you'll laugh at just the right moment when you catch a glimpse of a show on TV.  I know it's just coincidence, but maybe you'll have comedic timing. We'll see...

Occasionally while you're nursing, you take a break and lean backwards.  So funny.  One of your bottom teeth is starting to come in!  Good job, buddy.  You've worked so hard for that thing!

We are more than in love with you.  You are an absolute blessing and we thank God for you every day. We look forward to each milestone you come to with mixed emotions.  One day, you'll understand why.  Until then, know you are adored! 

We love you, Oliver Tuck!

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