Monday, June 2, 2014

Texas and Arkansas, Part II

Our time on the road in May continues…

With Grammie!  Yay =)

Our friends in San Antonio, Ariel and Taddy, put together a Neighborhood Block Party and went door to door inviting people to come out for music and hotdogs!  It wasn't labeled as a "church" event, so others who aren't believers felt welcome.  It was a fun night!

They had a little boy, Bastian, in November so he and Oliver met!

We left right after and drove back to Salado.  We had the next day off, which was great.  Then hit I-35 again on Friday to go to Dallas.  Figuring out the best time to leave so you miss Dallas traffic is always interesting.  We left with plenty of time and didn't get into any traffic!  Hallelujah.

We got unloaded at The Opening Bell and then Mister Man needed to eat.  And sleep.

It was so nice to have Grammie with us!  And Oliver was enjoying the couple that played before us.  He ended up having one of those meltdowns and Trent had to start without me so I could try to calm him.  Wanna know what worked?   

Grammie sat right up front by us and he fell asleep.  Whew!

It was a great night!  Some of my family came and some old friends from high school, too.  

This is my girl, Kristie and this picture is my favorite of all time.  

One of my bestests came out to see us as well.  Then we got to hang out with them and their little man, Max.  We loved our time with them!  (I wish we lived closer.)

I keep cracking up at this picture.  We feel like Max is telling a scary story and Oliver is scared ;-)  
We're going to try our hardest to keep these little fellas in contact.

We left Dallas, stopped in Salado, changed, ate, and continued on to Austin for a home show with our dear friends.  Oliver wasn't getting any attention at all...

We love to do home concerts, if they're done right.  And the Roughtons do them well.

We love them so.  We hadn't seen them in over a year and we can always pick up right where we left off.  

We had a week off and enjoyed time with my family.  Then it was time to head to Nashville.  We stopped in Van Buren, AR for some shows.  We got checked in and let Oliver stretch out. 

We think he might start to crawl soon!!!  

Sometimes, you just have to let them sleep with you.

Sunday morning, we played at Cliff Terrace.  I took this picture because it finally happened.  That moment when you wear the clothes you wore in the photo on your record.  Oh well!  It was inevitable, really.

We played here last year on the Sunday of Memorial Day weekend, too.   And the pastor already asked us for next year!  I'm guessing it's becoming a tradition.

Oliver was so proud when he helped with merch...

That night we played at Cedarville First AOG.  It was our first time there and we had a blast!  All shows are enjoyable, but this one was great.  We look forward to going back!

For Memorial Day, we played at our friends' BBQ.  Steve and Heather are gracious hosts and it was fun to play at their home.

And now we're home.  Working like busy bees on booking and writing and trying to get our little man to sleep better.  

All are easier said than done.

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