Friday, July 25, 2014

:: Houston Means That I'm One Day Closer to You ::

Do you remember that song?  

It really has nothing to do with this post but it was better than the other option, "Houston, we have a problem."


While we were in Texas, we had 3 shows in the Houston area.  Houston, Conroe, and Sugar Land to be exact.  And we had the Road Grammie with us.  YAY!

We drove to Conroe on a Saturday and checked into the hotel which was very close to where we were singing on Sunday morning.  Score.  Anyway, if you're friends of mine on FB or follow me on instagram or twitter, you saw this:

That's right.  We shared a bed.  With my mom.  We forgot to tell our contact we had her with us AND the hotel was sold out AND there were no cancellations or cots. It was quite a memory for sure.  (I just love the picture.)  

Once we got settled and rested a bit, we drove to Houston to play at St. Timothy Lutheran.  The show was great!  We had a blast.  And Oliver did well, too!

We ate in the car on the way back to Conroe and went straight to bed.  Straight to the king bed for 3. 

*I will point out that we saw lots of military in the breakfast area and we figured they were in town for something and so that's why there were no cancellations and so we were ok with bed sharing because America* 

Sunday morning we played special music at FBC Conroe.  What an awesome group of people!  

They put us in the paper and on the marquee, which I always like to document.

The Road Grammie captured a pic before Oliver melted down for her All. Morning. Long.  

We think it was a mixture of not enough sleep and that we said bye to him and he saw us walk away which is a no-no for him.  Grammie is a pro, though, and they both survived.  

Here we are with the Music Minister, Tom.  I love that he said, "you're a little blurry but nothing a filter can't fix."  Ain't that the truth these days.  

We left right after church to drive to Sugar Land for a concert that evening.  We got checked into the hotel (which had candy in the lobby for free and melon water) and grabbed lunch at a place named after my favorite color.

The concert was at Christ UMC.  They were so sweet!  They had snacks for us and a 'My First Cookbook' for Oliver.

(That's right, folks.  If you're paying attention at home, that's a Lutheran, Baptist, and Methodist church all in one weekend.  We don't care what you're called, just that you love Jesus.  That should be the Monk motto.)

Anyway, a friend of ours from Florida recently moved to Sugar Land and brought us in.  It was great to reconnect!  The show was another awesome one.  

Sound check =) 

It seems we need a jump-a-roo.  He digs it.

Oh hey, Grammie!

We got back to the hotel, got Oliver down, and then we got to go out on a date.  Thanks, Grammie!

That night was tough, even though we had two beds.  At one point, Trent and my mom were both snoring and Oliver was fussing and I was all like "what's happening and how'd I get here?"

Not a lot of sleep happened.

We woke up, got going, and just got more coffee.

On the way back to Salado, we went to Costco to get diapers because that's what thrills us these days.  

Houston, you were fantastic!  We look forward to coming back!


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  1. This is pretty awesome. I don't know how I have missed your blog. I don't know if you remember me but I was the youth/music minister at Oak Grove in China Spring when you were in Jr High. It is pretty cool to see that you and your husband have a ministry of your own now.