Friday, December 18, 2015


November gave us lots of time home, which was great.  Our Christmas tour is taking us away for many weeks, so it was nice to be home.

Related:  we decorated for Christmas on Nov. 1st.

Get outta here, pumpkins.  You've had your day.

We went to Kennett, MO one weekend and led worship for First United Methodist Church.  We know the pastor, Jeff, and his wife, Susan, from the KC area and it was great to see them again!

A sweet CD purchaser =)

 That evening, we did a show in the local HS theater.  A sweet girl watched Oliver and I found these on my phone the next day.  So cute!!!

The show was fun.  The HS was performing It's a Wonderful Life and so we had a homey set.

Watching Daddy load up the car the next morning.  

We went back home for a couple weeks then packed up again and headed to Van Buren, AR.  We've known Cliff and Vickie for a couple years now and they recently planted a new church, The Refuge.    We were thrilled to share music with them and look forward to next time!

We left right after service and drove to Amarillo for Thanksgiving!  Stay tuned for that...

(I'm almost caught up!!!)

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