Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Oliver is 2!!!

Dear Oliver,

How in the world is it here? You're 2 years old and are such a big boy. This year has brought much learning and growing and joy and we thank you.  You are talking more and more each day and it's the cutest thing to hear that sweet voice! Some words sound perfect while other words don't...but those are our favorite. (And some words, like frog and chalk, sound inappropriate.)

You are a good sleeper, love to help with chores, love Thomas and all his "useful" friends. People who watch you while we "check check" always say what an angel you are and how easy you are! It makes us so proud.  You constantly make us laugh and surprise us with how quickly you learn and catch on to things.

You're going to be a big brother! And I can't help to think you will be gentle and kind to Amelia. And you will protect her and teach her about cars, diggers, trains, and planes.

While expanding our family is a gift and we are excited, I can't help but feel a little sad. You have been my only for what seems like forever and then, in a few months, you will be my big.  And I can't find the right words to tell you that sometimes, you'll have to wait or that I can't help you in that moment because your sister is crying or needs to nurse or needs a fresh diaper.

I do know this: you won't remember all the changes or struggles or being the only. You'll only know life with a little sister to play with all the time. I promise!!! And you'll rock it.

Our lives have changed for the better because of you. You have made us better people. Yes, we're more tired, but it's so worth it to be your mommy and daddy.

We love you, Oliver Tuck! To the moon...

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