Thursday, December 17, 2015

Our October

So, after a looong September away from home, we got back to Nashville for like a week, then went back out on the road.  Clearly, we were ok with it.

We left on a Thursday morning and drove all the way to Shreveport to play at New Life Tabernacle.  We usually don't leave the day of a show if it's a long drive, but it was a last minute change and so we said we could.  

Oliver during sound check =)

Fun night with sweet people!  (And...they fed us before the show and it was spicy jambalaya, which was what I was craving at the time!)

 I mean... time, please stop.

The next night, we played at an outreach center and it was amazing.  People who had been dealt a tough hand were so appreciative and blessed us more than we blessed them, probably.

Saturday, we drove to Dallas for a small home show type show.  Like, real small.  Like, whoa small.  =)  But, we pushed through and still had a good time!

Playing outside the hotel.

Before leaving Dallas, we made plans to see our friends, Rachel and Billy.  And this is Max and Oliver and it pretty much sums up photographing toddlers.  Hahaha!

She has since given birth and I have since grown...

We headed to Midland after that to be with the fine folks at Mid-Cities Church.  Beautiful sanctuary and we had fun.  (Also, their nursery wing is legit.  No body is leaving with your child except you.)

That evening they put on a little picnic/concert event.  Food trucks were brought in =)

Fun night for sure.  Can you spot Oliver???

A quick bite before heading back to the hotel.  (We didn't get any food truck love.)

We had some days off and spent them in Clinton, OK with Trent's mom and Larry.  There's a Route 66 museum there, so we decided to go.  Very cool but not ideal for toddlers.  

And while we were in Clinton, Oliver and a run in with a rooster.  Scary.  The rooster won but Trent kicked it the next day, so we're even.  Well, a slight flip of the foot.  It wasn't hurt, don't worry.  And to this day, if you say "brave" Oliver will say, "bock, bock" because he was so brave.  Adorable.

We played the following Sunday at One Church in Elk City, OK (just outside of Clinton).  We led both worship services and did a full concert that night.  No pics, though.  But here's one of Oliver eating "noonles."  It's better than another show pic, anyway.  

They eventually learn how to eat spaghetti more cleanly, right?

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