Monday, March 14, 2016

Worship and a Winter Storm

January seems like a year ago!  Time is a crazy thing.  We were invited to join Regeneration Church in Georgetown, KY.  It was a cool set-up.  We were to lead worship 3 Sundays and then do a concert on the last Sunday we were there.  

Sunday #1 went great!  It's a short and easy drive and the first one where the boy was facing forward in the car.

The following Tuesday, we went to Birmingham to play a few songs for a Hands and Feet Project event.  Our friend, Danny (he used to road manage for Trent back in the day), came with us to watch Oliver while we played.  He happens to be great at sound as well, and that came in super handy.  
Plus, Mark Stuart (co-founder of H&FP and former lead singer of Audio Adrenaline) was the speaker, so it was great to talk with him and for he and Trent to reconnect.  

Then came the lovely winter blast of 2016.  I. Have. Never.  There was so much snow!!!

Oliver and our neighbor got to play...for about 10 minutes.  ;-)

Snow ice cream.  Also, Oliver was in pjs for 48 hours.  That's living.

The snow meant we couldn't make it back up to Regeneration for our 2nd Sunday.  It was a bummer.  But, also nice to stay in pjs and watch movies.  

The snow and ice melted and we were able to make it for our last Sunday.  The pastor (father of 6...not new to the screen game) let Oliver watch trains on YouTube with some fancy headphones.  All so we could sound check!  Life saver.

It's always nice to be able to leave our stuff set up after a worship set for an evening concert.  It makes for a quick sound check and perfect timing for dinner in a church pew.  Ha!   

We enjoyed our time with the people of Regeneration and look forward to going back!!

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