Thursday, March 17, 2016

Our last show before baby...

After a successful Christmas tour and a steady January, our February fell apart.  That, unfortunately, is part of what we do. Stressful, sure, but it was nice to be home, nest, and work on OUR HYMNS RECORD!!!  (Coming soon.)

This past Sunday, March 13th, we had our last show before baby girl comes.  And this was the only picture I got, haha!

The show had been booked since before Christmas, with the understanding of us maybe not being there if Amelia made her debut early.  She stayed put (and still is!) and we were glad to get one final event in before we take more time off.

We went to Columbia, TN to New Life Church.  We were there last January, so it had been quite some time.  We were glad to go back!  They're an amazing congregation and they get into the music, which makes it super fun.  PLUS, they introduced us with this video:


Oliver had a blast in the nursery, crying when we picked him up like always, we played some new songs and people liked them, and we got home in time for a Sunday nap.  Perfect day!

Now, we wait.  Trent's writing a lot, I'm packing bags and giving our sweet boy lots of attention.

Operation Get This Baby Out has commenced.  

(Prayers are welcomed!)  

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