Friday, March 4, 2016

2015 Christmas Tour, Part III: KENTUCKY & PENNSYLVANIA

Our final leg of the tour was heading up to Hopkinsville, KY then on to Knox, PA.  Both churches have been stops for us in the past, so it was nice to come in and share the Christmas music for a change!

We had a great show and enjoyed our time!  And, there was an impromptu request for me to sing/rap the Fresh Prince theme.  So, I did.  Very Christmasy, of course. ;-)

We left the next morning and drove to somewhere (I can't remember) to split up the drive to Pennsylvania.  This one loves him some luggage carts...

We got to the Knox, PA area and settled into the guest house that had been arranged.  It was great!  A nice change from hotel rooms.  Plus, our contact, Ryan, had us some snacks, gift cards to restaurants, and pjs for Oliver.  Hello, thoughtful!

Hard to beat dinner and a Christmas movie.  Life is tough for a toddler.  

A little relaxing during the day.  

Sink bath!  

We were so happy it snowed!  We knew the weather in Nashville was going to be unseasonably warm, so the cold winter wonderland was a nice treat.  Oliver even got to play for a bit in it.  (Not too long, as we were not prepared with proper attire.)  

We did a show at Cornerstone Church  and what a fun show it was!  A great way to end the tour...

AND it was on Oliver's 2nd birthday!  (Stay tuned for a post about that!)

The next morning, we did a few more Christmas songs for both worship services.  Oliver had fun in the nursery, we sat in on a Sunday school class, and we said our goodbyes and Merry Christmases.  

We hit the road as soon as we were packed up and made our way to Nashville.  Trent drove the whole way!  We were so excited to get home after a fun and successful Christmas tour.  

We are so lucky to get to do what we do.  Most days are hard; there are lots of disappointments.  But, God is so good and He provides and we are more than thankful.

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