Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Amelia is 4 months!!!

Dearest Amelia,

My, oh my.  Time is not slowing down.  In fact, it seems to speed up when you have kids.  This month brought lots of growth and changes!

You are:
17 lbs, 10 oz
26.5 in.

You are a smiley girl...until night time.  Then you get super fussy and wake up when we put you down.  Like, every time.  So, I end up holding you which might be contributing to the issue, but I really don't care.

Babies don't keep, as they say, so I'm soaking it up!

You enjoyed lots of beach time this month.  Sleeping and nursing in the shade.  We even put your toes in for about 2 seconds.  Then we headed back to the shade!  And you STILL got sun.  Oops.  

You have fussed and cried pretty much every time you've been away from us during a show or worship.  Oliver went through this, too, and now he loves the nursery.  When I pick you up when we're finished, after you've been crying forever, you melt into my arms and fall asleep.

The drool has started!!!  You're chewing on hands and toys and there's even a tooth coming in on bottom!  I cannot believe this.  It's too soon!   


You've started rolling!  Again, too soon.  It seems you have things to do and simply refuse to stay in the baby stage.  You do you, girl.  Rolling means you've started sleeping on your stomach.  (That is, when you do sleep.)  But, you start out on your side and seem to like that better.  

My girl.

Bumbo time!  You love being able to see around you.  Oliver thinks it's pretty cool, too, and likes to sit in it as well.

You got to go with me to hear Daddy at a writers' round.  People loved you.

About the sleeping... you've been in bed with us.  While I love having you close, we cannot do this, sister.  But sometimes, it's the only way I get any sleep.  And you like having a hand on me.  You're officially unswaddled and still don't take a paci or bottle.

Oliver loves you to pieces and calls you his baby.  I just know he'll watch over you and look out for you when y'all are bigger.  And you've even started recognizing him and laughing at him.  He LOVES it.

"Mommy, we're supermans!"

I don't let you actually watch any TV *yet* but you've started looking while O is watching.  It's only a matter of time, ha!!!

Road babies.

You stick your tongue out when you smile and it's adorable.  Also, the car is not your favorite.  But, you'll get there, too!  And you added Alabama, Kansas, Kentucky, and Illinois to your states.  Your total at 4 months is 10 states!  You go, girl.

You are such a snuggly nugget and your hair is starting to grow a bit.  You're grabbing things, including your toes, and I know those will be in your mouth before too long. 

Finally asleep.

That mouth.

Four month check-up was all good!  Except those darn shots.  So sad!  You calm down pretty quickly, though.  

Amelia, we love you so big.  I could just eat you up.  Even during the fussy, even during the tired, even when you start talking back to me.  You are my girl and I adore you.

May the stars always align for you...

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