Wednesday, August 17, 2016


After we left Arkansas, we made our way to Salado to see my people.  Amelia met my family for the first time (she had already met Grammie, of course) and it was lovely to see her with everyone!  

Oliver spent the days playing outside, swimming, eating popsicles, going to a playground, and skipping naps.  He ADORED playing with Elliot and Griffin and those two were so sweet with him.  Caleb and Noah aren't pictured because I think they were still in school?  I can't remember, lol.  

We also watched E and G perform at their VBS.  We had to leave early because TODDLER and BABY so not much photography there, either.  

And Trent and I went to storage with Paads to get my stuff that my parents don't want to store for me anymore.  

Anyway, enjoy the oh so fancy pictures.     

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