Wednesday, December 7, 2016

I forgot about July...

I'm blogging about July.  For those keeping up at home, I'm backtracking.  Because my brain is mush and I'm tired and I forget things.

After our family vacay to the beach, we got home and Trent had a writers' round (in a line?) at The Sutler in Nashville.  We've been there a few times for dates, but it was fun to go and sit and listen to amazing writers.

We got a sitter for Oliver and we had a date (with Amelia) before the event.  So naturally, we took some selfies and we clearly nailed it. 

Sister Girl was wonderful and adorable.  

Fun night!!

When we rented the U-Haul from Amarillo and drove it home, we brought a piano with us.  I made over the bench with what I had on hand:  fabric and paint.  

We divided our room to fit all the acquired things, and maybe I'll give a tour one day...

The last weekend in July, we drove to the Kansas City area...

We got checked in and the babies got to stretch.  #hearteyes

We shared music at Emmanuel Baptist Church  for both services.    

The kids did great in the nursery.  I got to sneak a peak of Oliver during their lesson and it was the sweetest thing to see him sitting and listening!  Plus, the nursery director gave him a new car.  

Funny story:  the pastor introduced us at the first service to kick things off.  We were standing to the side before the second service started, and an elderly lady came up, said hello, and looked at her watch.  She told us it was about time to get started.  We agreed, but were waiting for the pastor to give us the go ahead.  He was talking to some people, so we didn't know what to do and definitely didn't want to interrupt.  We just waited.  Well, the lady came back to us and was a little more firm with her instructions and basically told us to get up there and get started.  HAHAHA!!  Keep in mind, she is not on staff.  She is simply a member who likes to start on time, lol.  Eventually, the pastor started and all was well, but Miss Punctuality might've gotten a little frustrated.

We had a concert that night (so much fun!) and they served sweet treats.


If I can remember correctly, we split up the drive coming home?  I don't know; July was too long ago.

But this.

And this.  We take our sour cream consumption serisouly.  

We also stretch at pit stops.  

When we rolled back into town, we went straight to get groceries.  Oliver saw this man and said, "Yook!  It's Daddy!"  

I don't even know what he was thinking but it cracked me up and I needed to remember it.

Thanks for traveling with us!

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