Saturday, December 17, 2016

Amelia is 8 months!!!

Dear Amelia,

EIGHT months.  I don't know why this one is hitting me hard, but it is.  When you are a mommy one day, if you choose to be, you will understand just how wonderfully heart-wrenching this journey is.  It's a weird thing to want you (and your brother) to grow up and thrive and be independent but to also want you to stay little forever.  Your daddy and I literally cry every day from the shear joyous pain of it all.  Okay, I'll calm down now 🙈... Here it is:  all the fun things from your 8th month!

I don't know how long you are or how much you weigh.  All I know is you're growing and growing and growing and still love to nurse a lot!

We were on the road for most of this month.  That meant a lot of time in the car.  You're not a fan.  You're good for about an hour or so, then you start getting fussy.  It makes for some long rides, but we're handling it.  Oliver wasn't in the car for some of it (he was with Grammie), and once he was back in the car for you to look at, you seemed to calm down.  Did you just need your big brother??😍

You're sleeping better!  I still nurse in the night and you still end up in bed with us in hotels, but you're getting the hang of the whole sleep thing.  Again, though...I miss you!!!  What in the actual world?  I want sleep but I want to see you all night.  I'm a strange mommy.

Your first public highchair experience.  I usually hold you in restaurants, but you're too grabby now.  I can't get over how big  you look here!  Weren't you just born?  And those wrists!!!  So yummy.

You threw up again.  It didn't last long, just like last month.  Not sure what's going on.  Both times you had avocado, so I'm hoping that's not it.  I'd hate for you to go through life without guacamole.  Sickness is no fun.  Extra cuddles are, though. 

Your first Thanksgiving!  Grammie brought this dress to you when you were born and I'm so glad it fit!

And you opened your first Christmas present.  It was a baby doll and you were so excited!  I'll show you the video one day ☺️

You started sitting up more.  You'll sit for a bit, but then start crawling.  You're a busy girl!!  And you're even starting to dance a little when you hear music.

TV is not your thing still.  I have mixed feelings about it.  Ha!  I've started teaching you signs, although I was much more diligent with your brother.  Sorry, girl...second kid probs. 😏

You are such a chill baby!!!  Even on long car days with little sleep, you're so calm once you're out!  If you can see me or be held, you're good to go.  And you're still doing great in nurseries!  (Even giving some cuddles to the nice ladies.)

You started pulling up and standing in the pack 'n' play.  So, when we got home, I had to lower your crib mattress 2 notches!  😭 That's always a hard one for me.

You're eating more.  I just started giving you real food.  Baby food wasn't your thing.  You like to do it yourself, too.  You still have 8 teeth, but you're chewing on your finger, so maybe another is coming. You don't drool like your brother, so I have no idea!

You like remotes, empty water bottles, and Oliver's trains.  You are REALLY hard to change; I always need to give you something to hold.  You only sit still for books if you're really tired and usually grab them and chew on them.

You are our favorite, best girl and we love you this BIG!

May the stars always align for you...

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