Thursday, December 8, 2016

Our Day Out With Thomas

We have been all about Thomas and his friends in this house since Oliver was 18 months old.  He knows all their names and can recognize them waaaaaaaay before I can.  There's even an Oliver train, which we don't own.  Last year, we were going to do the whole Day Out With Thomas while we were in Texas, but we didn't because it was really hot.

This year, we were actually in Nashville when Thomas made his stop here.  We bought tickets (hello, $20 a person!  What??)  and planned the day.  Oliver had seen commercials and would get so excited, or as he says, "I'm so exciting!"  We didn't tell him what we were doing until we drove up to the location.

The grounds had all kinds of stuff to do.  Crafts, bounce houses, games, a little train to ride, and a tent with all the Thomas toys and trains you could imagine.  You know what may not be the best idea??  A tent with all the Thomas toys and trains you could imagine.  Imagine a lot of toddlers who are still learning how to share and some adults who are still learning how to share and then tell the toddlers to "leave the toys now and let's go somewhere else."  Yeah... Trent said it was like throwing meat to lions and telling the lions not to eat the meat.  One adult even grabbed a train out of Oliver's hand.  My word.  And another kid grabbed Oliver's personal Thomas we brought.  Oliver freaked out, the other kid freaked out, us and the other adults exchanged understanding glances and nods, and this was all within 15 minutes of us getting there.  

We survived the lion tent and went about our business.  

Little train ride with Mama!

Nothin' like a train tattoo!

Also, I found this Day Out With Thomas shirt at a thrift store for $1 because ain't nobody got time to spend $20 on a shirt he'll where for a year. Nope, not on my watch. 

We rode the 10AM train which was the BUSIEST one.  If we do it again, we'll do the 9AM one and hopefully get closer to Thomas.

The ride was 20 minutes.  Which was long enough because at about the 12 minute mark, all the toddlers started getting a little restless.

We did not wait in line to get an official picture with Thomas.  We improvised because we value our time and sanity. 

A quick snack for all before leaving...

All in all, I'm glad we went.  It was a little pricey, but you could literally spend all day there if you wanted. 


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