Thursday, December 15, 2016

September: some shows, some Salado, some selfies...

We were going to be gone most of September, so naturally, the day before leaving looked like this:

And naturally, the baby was fussy and only wanted to be held and fell asleep while I packed.

We made our way to Salado and did it all in one day.  It's a long drive to begin with.  Add stops for babies, coffee, bathrooms, and food and it's a lot longer.  Then there was lots of traffic.  It was a hard day.  The kids did great, considering.

Oliver knows Paads has batteries, so he was sure to pack all his trains.  (I might have a slight hate for batteries.  I might've packed his toys.)

We went to Pasadena, TX to play at Hope Community Church.  

Our friends, The Prescotts, always take such good care of us (amazing Mexican food and gas in our tank!!!) and Oliver loved playing with their grandson.

Amelia was a snuggle nugget with GaGa and even reached for her over me!  

We got back to the room and the front desk lady asked if we wanted a pizza.  Ladies and gentlemen...the answer to that is always YES.  She ordered more than they need and we were thrilled to take it off her hands.  (Pizza would be my last meal, FYI.)  

The next morning was a lazy one.  We had some time to kill before driving to Sugar Land.  

Amelia turned 5 months...

So Oliver wanted to get in the case, too.

We had some time before our next show; Monkey Joes was the solution.  Oliver had never been to a bouncy house place before.  It took him a bit to get warmed up and brave enough, but once he did he was all over the place.  So fun!

We had a blast and made some memories.  

WORN out.

Not worn out.😉  We let Oliver sleep while Daddy set up at the church.

We played for the youth at Christ UMC in Sugar Land.  Just a few songs and worship before they had a big fight with color and big messes outside.  We were also involved in a boy's prom proposal.  That was new for us and so cute!

Back to Salado so Grammie and Paads could keep the boy while we went on a little vacay.  They made popsicles and played hard.  

We spent 3 nights with Trent's family to celebrate his brother's 40th (more on that later).  We took the girl and missed the boy, but it was a nice little break.  

After the trip, we made our way back to the Houston area to play a show at St. Timothy Lutheran.  

They had one of those big strollers...

Sweet girl in the bouncy...

The last time we were there was in 2014.  Just look at these cuties!

Sometimes, it's easier to just get a couple microwave dinners for the room.  And this was during the time where Amelia just wanted to sleep on me.  I miss it.  

A few more days spent in Salado before hitting the road!

Pajamas and sunglasses😎

We had a home show in Waco for some Kickstarter backers, so we met up with an old friend.  It was great to see her!  Mindy and I went to HS together.  And she keeps passing on little girl clothes, which we are so thankful for. 

After Amelia had one of the biggest blowouts of all time, (seriously...I have never.) we made our way to the home show.  I used to teach with Tammy and it was so fun to play music for her crew!  Plus, their Kickstarter pledge was incredibly humbling.

Amelia was taking a bottle.  We took advantage, left the kids at Grammie's and went on a date.  It was good, but felt weird.  Like, what did we do with all our time and hands before kids?? 😂 And of course we talked about them the whole time ☺️

We left Salado and drove to Monett, MO.  It was another loooooong day, but we do what we gotta do.  

She was fussy the last hour or so and actually took a paci!  That lasted for that hour.  Ha!  

Excuse the fancy photo -- I didn't crop it.  

We played a little Sunday morning concert at Ozark Christian Church.  Trent first played there in 2010 and I'm pretty sure we've gone back every year.  They are some of the sweetest folks you'll meet.  

We feel truly blessed to get to do what we do as a family.  We don't know what's next, but for now, we will be thankful the Lord is allowing us to continue and be appreciative of all the people we've met along the way.  

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