Thursday, September 6, 2012

Oklahoma and Arkansas

After Louisiana and Mississippi we were able to spend a couple days in Texas  before heading to Oklahoma.  

We got hair-cuts and ate pizza and cooked for my parents (well, Trent cooked) and saw Nana and that's about it.  I did find an amazing pair of blue heels at the Target that may get their own post...

The first stop was Enid, OK.  And, can I just point out that, A. I am not a fan of Oklahoma roads.  They are a tad too bumpy for my taste. And B. the highway signs look like foam fingers.  I am a fan of that.  It's real cute.

We were opening for Remedy Drive two nights in a row and Enid was the first.  They were super nice guys AND the drummer's fiancé was on the road with them and she brought a dog.  You have no idea how badly we want a road dog in the future and Miss Volley was perfect.  Polite, precious and petite.  We had too much fun with that dog.  And next time I'll ask if Volley is named after the sport (Volleyball, duh) or the state (Tennessee, The Volunteer State).  I'm very curious about it and kick myself for not asking.   

We had about 2 inches of space to play. Kidding. But seriously, all I know is that Trent's guitar was dangerously close to my face and I was dangerously close to the steps.  

Next stop was ASU-Beebe.  For those of you that don't know, I went to Arkansas State University (main campus in Jonesboro) and I was tickled to be on this campus.  We didn't see much, but it was still neat-o.  I felt like busting out the fight song.  But I didn't.

The backstage area.  I thought it was funny to see all of our belongings strewn about.  (I just typed that in a British accent, just so you know).

Taming those pesky fly-aways.

We left that night and drove to Van Buren, AR to play Rock the River in Fort Smith the next night.

I cannot lie.  I love me some lanyards.  Trent has BOOKOOS of them in a box in our closet.  I have 3.  One day, we will think of some clever way to display them in a man cave/studio/office of sorts.  And if we can't think of anything, I'm sure pinterest will help.

"Meet and Greet" time.  Trent and Shawn McDonald:

Heather Weaver and me.  With our lanyards.  

A sweet, anonymous donor gave Trent a pedal board and a road case for all his gear.  We. Were. Shocked.  He has been wanting to get one for EVER, but when you're independent with limited funds, you have priorities, and that wasn't one of them.  So, we are extremely thankful for God's provision. 

The next morning, Trent led worship and put on a concert for the CWA (Christian Waterfowl Association) in Siloam Springs, AR.  As you can see, it was in a tent and I adored it.  Made me want to join a circus.  

(Or at least read Water for Elephants again).

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