Monday, September 17, 2012

*Deep in the Heart of San Antonio*

I hadn't been to San Antonio in about a billion years, so when we had some shows booked there around Labor Day, I was like "Hallelujah, bring on the real Mexican food."

I love the town.  The River Walk, the history, the culture.  The aforementioned food.  I could go on and on.

We got to town on a Saturday and went to the River Walk.  Trent, in true "when in Rome/San Antonio" fashion, forked over the $10 for some mariachi music.  We did some quick math and came to the conclusion that these bands do quite well.  

Sunday morning, Trent played special music at TriPoint.  The worship band had learned all the parts (drums, bass, keys, electric guitar, harmony) to "Beautiful You" and played with us.  It was a blast!!  He also played along with them during worship:

This is Taddy.  He's the worship leader at TriPoint, who happens to be German. (I did remember to let him know I come from German stock).  He sneezed outside and I said "Gesundheit."  And he said, "Danke shoen."   And I said, "Bitte."  And I was immediately thankful for Mr. Corlett at China Spring High School for speaking German during Trig and Calculus.  

That night we went to Eisenhower park for this shindig with Abandon:

First was soundcheck. And don't you just love that face T made?  He thinks we have too many serious pictures of us.   

My mommy and daddy came!  It was Mom's birthday weekend, so it worked out perfectly.

And Sorrel came, too!  She's a dear family friend and my sisters and I went to high school with her.  *Please note that my hair is NOT actually yellow.  We were working with some weird lighting.

And thanks to her for getting this picture.

The next day, we went to the River Walk for Mom's b-day lunch.  We had Mexican food (duh), that included a surprise birthday flan.  (Which looked like something that would come out of a cat, but tasted way better). 

(And while we have planned outfits before, the above was just because we think alike.  And because we're awesome).

Can't wait to go back to San Antonio!

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