Sunday, September 30, 2012

You Might be Married to a Musician

I read a post over at Team Studer titled "You Might be Married to a Redneck" and it was hysterical.  You should read it.  Seriously.

While I'm not married to a redneck (even if he does like NASCAR, has had a borderline mullet and confessed to wanting a rat-tail as a kid), I am married to a musician.  And so I thought to do the same thing but tailor it to our life. 

You Might be Married to a Musician if...

  • he drums on the steering wheel. And table. And chair. And anything else, really.
  • you buy nail strengthener for his pickin' hand
  • you now know what a pre-chorus and a what a bridge is 
  • you know what AC Indicator, Monitor, and CHR means
  • as well as National Audience Chart, bullets, and spins
  • as well as "Add Date"
  • you use a cajon to hold the laptop while watching Hulu in bed
  • you vacuum around the amp, pedal board and boom mic
  • you know what an amp, pedal board and boom mic is
  • merch is always in the car
  • and you know what the word merch means 
  • you know stats (YouTube views, downloads, add date, release date, etc. and so on...)
  • the term "in the pocket" does not apply to lent or change
  • 4 on the floor is not a car reference
  • you're ok with smelling a shirt before deciding to wash it or wear it again
  • you know what is considered a write-off for Uncle Sam
  • you know what ASCAP stands for
  • staying up late and sleeping in is normal
  • you have to set an alarm to get up for a NOON church service
  • you are quite skilled at changing clothes in the car when you're running late for a show
  • he looks to you for encouraging words when writing a song
  • you know his favorite artists and musical inspirations
  • when he said years ago "It's easier to not unpack and just live out of a suitcase" makes complete sense now
  • you are a roadie, band member, and groupie all rolled into one
  • you know what strings he uses and why
  • the words "I should probably shower" are not uncommon to hear
  • you know what kind of guitar he plays, wants to own, and what electric guitar he wants to have one day
  • he considers a golf shirt preppy
  • when he's quiet, you know to not bug him too much about why he's so quiet because he's probably thinking about music, lyrics and bills

What does your husband do?  Salesman?  In the military?  Is he in ministry? Is he a golfer?  Or a biker?

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