Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Some Quality Time with Some Quality Kids

I have been an aunt for almost 12 years.  I have fed, changed diapers, wiped burgers and butts, read stories and loved on my sisters' babies with all of me.  They are precious to me.  And of course, Trent loves them, too!  While we were in Texas and then in Memphis, I soaked it all in.  Because Aunt Shellie is gonna be a momma and things are going to be a little different.  Oh how I love them so...

The Self kids came to Grammie and Paads' house for a few days.  

Caleb and Uncle Trent hitting some pitch shots.

Elliot decided she wanted an afternoon bath and have her hair blow dried and curled.  I loved it.  

Then Grammie made them root beer floats and I read them a story.  (They're fans of my attempts at silly voices.)  And I realize this is not a flattering picture of me, but I adore it.  

I don't guess Elliot remembers much of Griffin being in Julie's tummy, because she LOVES to love on Oliver.  Heart melted.

We all went to the Mayborn Museum and had some intelligent fun.  If you're ever in Waco, go.  It's a great museum.

And there's Elliot loving on Ollie again.  (I should also point out that she and Noah offered to save their money to pay for Oliver's crib.  Adorbs.)
Griffin wasn't feeling this particular picture.

We watched Duck Dynasty and then headed to Salado.

After some more family time and a quick run of shows in Arkansas, it was time to head home.  We stopped in Memphis (actually Collierville) for the night to see the Barlows.  Blake is hilarious and loves the games we come up with.  One being laying in his cool bed and making up different snores.  

He didn't have a nap that day and was a wild man!  

Here's a Blake and me conversation during a game where Trent throws a ball at him.  (Don't worry; it's completely safe.)

Blake:  "It makes me laugh so hard it makes me wet my pants!"
Me:  "Haha!  Well, how bout we take a break and go tee tee?"
Blake:  "No.  It's fine."

It made me crack up.  Plus it was after he said "school was pretty boring!" Haha!

The next morning I got up so I could ride with him and mommy to his new school.  

I can't wait for Oliver to meet his cousins.  Caleb can teach him all things sports and maybe even the trumpet.  Noah can teach him how to build amazing Lego sets and how to play any video game.  Elliot can teach him how to read, do crafts, and speak in a British accent.  Griffin can teach him how to be a sweet cuddle muffin and an irresistible mess pot.  And Blake can teach him all about trucks and pilots and trains and planes.

My heart is full.

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