Saturday, April 27, 2013

What's on your...

It's a rainy day here in Nashville.  That's nothing new; I really need some rain boots.  I couldn't sleep and ended up getting up at 7:45, after tossing and turing for an hour.  So, I thought I'd blog.

This week, Tabitha over at Team Studer, did a fun blog post and I am doing the same. 

What's on your...

Vanity – Clutter.  I really need to clean.  I have our tub soaking with bleach and so all the stuff that's usually in the shower, is on the counter.   Homemade toothpaste, hair ties galore, and some of our hair.  We're shedders...

Perennial to-do list – dishes, laundry, figuring out what our next move is in business, trying to navigate said business, booking shows, dusting

Refrigerator Shelves – eggs, leftovers (tilapia, marinara, gluten-free noodles, veggie medley) half and half, milk, OJ, Greek yogurt.  That's all I can think of without getting up off the couch...

Itinerary – have lunch today with a dear friend from Mississippi who's here for the rainy half marathon, then (in)RL later today, and *maybe* picking up a cheap dresser from CL that I'm most certainly going to paint turquoise.

Fantasy Itinerary - Oh mercy.  The West Coast will be done this summer!!!  Hawaii, Europe, NY City, Alaska, Spain, Italy, Greece, Asia (not Korea, yikes), RV-ing all around

Playlist - been listening to more Patty Griffin lately, Mumford Pandora, still loving JOHNNYSWIM, and (in all honesty) Trent's newest single on repeat.  It's not mastered yet and we're not sure when it'll go to radio, but it's so good.  Love it.  

Nightstand – lamp, picture from our wedding day sitting on two very old Nancy Drew books, vase with sand and fake orchids, ponytail holder (or 3), journal, pen, lotion

Workout Plan - mix of yoga, jogging, walking, weights, etc...

iPhone Droid - email, instagram, fb, twitter, draw something, text

Top 5 List – my man (I am so lucky), my family, puns, painting my nails, food (bacon)

Bucket List – travel (see also "Fantasy Itinerary"), mission trip/trips, cruise, maybe write a book one day...

Mind – how we leave May 1 and will be gone a long time and how I have to pack only one bag and pack for TX May and Oregon June.  I'm thinking layers might be my best bet. Some friends of ours had a baby that didn't make it, just how precious life is, stepping out of my comfort zone going to (in)RL today, lots and lots of thoughts about what we do, new friends, being a mommy one day, and craving pancakes. 

Blogroll -  BooMama, BigMama, The Stanley Clan, Rage Against the Minivan, The Mom Creative, Lisa Jo Baker, Short Fat Dictator, THRIFTARY (she designed the blog) and many many more.  

Favorite Walls in Your House – the old window with the hymnal wreath, the black frames holding a picture of our wedding day and the cabin (family lake house that my Nana owned but had to sell years ago), our framed wedding vows in our room, painted old shutters in our bathroom

Liquor Shelf – Ha!  We don't have a liquor shelf.  That sounds very fancy.

Last Credit Card Statement - Amazon book purchase, Florida State Parks (our camping trip)

Screensaver - no screen saver.  But the wallpaper is a beach scene, because duh.

TV Every Night - whatever is on that night or catching up on Hulu.  Our favorites:  Duck Dynasty, Nashville, Project Runway, The Mindy Project, Modern Family, The Voice, The Office, Parks and Recreation, Hannibal, Parenthood (when it's on), Fallon

Play along!  What's on your...


  1. It was nice to meet you last night! You have a very cute blog!
    Faith--The fellow tall girl! :)

  2. Oh yeah, and here's a link to my very outdated blog:


  3. Nice to meet you too! And, thanks =) Bummer you had to leave early!