Monday, April 22, 2013

We have WORN OUT I-65

Since we have lived in Nashville, we have mostly been on I-40 toward Arkansas and Texas, and whatever the highway is that leads to Florida.  I could look it up, but I don't feel like it.  I think it's I-24.  

Anyway, since January, we have ONLY driven I-65 and we have worn it out.  Every show has been in either Mississippi, Louisiana, or Alabama.  It's great to live so close to so many states (which is exactly why we moved).  Our last two shows were in Enterprise, AL and Cleveland, MS.

The first show, in Enterprise, was with a church that meets in a school.  Part of the adventure of what we do is getting to play in many types of venues.  This was in a cafeteria.  Great acoustics, but we needed something behind us other than milk posters.  Hence the GIANT banner.  (Its home is usually behind the merch table.)

We had fun and everyone loved it.  It warms our hearts when small churches act surprised that "someone like Trent" (their words, not mine) would be willing to come play at a small church.  The truth is, we'll go wherever will have us.  

We left town and I needed a heating pad like something awful.  Major back pains.  Yay for Walmart right around the corner.  BUT, the thing didn't work and so, well, that was a bummer and we took it back.  

We had a day off and stopped in Birmingham, AL so our drive to Mississippi the next day wasn't as far.  And y'all?  This Candlewood Suites is something fancy.  It's all modern and renovated but you still have free wireless and a coffee pot in the room!  (I am easily pleased.)  

A bonus was a huge desk in the room.  It was perfect timing because we hunkered down and made it a work day.  Unfortunately, our background noise was news of the Boston bombing.  Such a sad day.  Thankful the authorities finally caught the criminal.   

Next stop was Cleveland, MS for ICC Wesley Foundation.

Thanks to John for having us in!  The students were wonderful and really enjoyed the music!

Cleveland is a small town and so after the show we had limited options for dinner.  We settled on Huddle House.  

And good news, we didn't get food poisoning! 

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