Friday, August 30, 2013

:: The Last of Summer Shows ::

Last weekend, we were in Arkansas for some shows.  We'll hit the road again in early September, which is technically still summer, but once Labor Day is over my mind goes to fall.

On the way to our stop, I saw a flea market advertised for Fort Smith (which is where we were going).  The ad was for wire baskets.  I have been searching for wire baskets.  Wire baskets I've seen are overpriced.  These wire baskets were 5 for $20.  We made plans to wake up Saturday and get some.

When we got to the market, I saw a woman putting wire baskets in her car.  Then I saw another woman walking out with more!  My heart sank and I thought "everyone has bought all the wire baskets and we should've gotten up earlier and where will I fine cheap baskets again and why is life so hard?!?"

But we got to the booth and there were tons.  Praise the Lord.  We got 5 baskets and took them to the car and all was right with the world.

Aren't they beautiful?  Can't wait to use them.
(And why is this blurry?) 

The first show was in Siloam Springs, AR with the Christian Waterfowl Association International Festival.  We played last year and were asked back.  (That's always a good thing.)  And I think we've been deemed "The Official CWA Music" which is cool with us!

The CWA is an outdoor/hunting ministry.  They reach men and women who wouldn't normally walk in the door of a church.  It's such a neat thing.  I think it's remarkable just how many kinds of ministry there is.  God is creative, isn't he?  Several people came to know Christ last weekend.  AWESOME!

Being an outdoor event, everything is in tents.  This is the main tent and we were getting set up for our musical snack before dinner.  Doesn't it make you want to go to the circus?

Before we played, I tried to capture the sunset with us in the shot.  This was the result.  I think #fail would be the appropriate caption.

The next morning we played a full set before the sermon.  During sound check, we heard some whimpering.  Some whimpering that sounded like puppies.  Some whimpering that needed to be investigated.  We followed our ears and my word the cuteness.  Only $25!!!  In time, in time.

Despite being hotter than Haites, it was a fabulous morning.  Thanks to our friends Heather and Kerrie for some pics.

We left Siloam Springs and went up the road to Springdale, AR for MUDBOWL. MUDBOWL has been mentioned to us before, but we didn't know what it was.  Well, it's a youth outreach event that's been going on for 7 years.  It's for any kid in the neighborhood that wants to come.  They play games and have competitions in a giant mud puddle.  (Oh to be young.)  Then they're fed and given a word.

It's like I always say, "If you feed them and let them play in mud, they will come and then you can tell them about Jesus."

(I don't really always say that, but it makes sense.)  

And thanks to another Kerri for some pics.  (Poor Trent was in the sun.  But that meant he provided shade for me!)

Steve, the youth pastor, brought us in.  Thanks Steve!  (He's the dad of 4 girls ages 20 to 4.  Bless him.)

5 kids came to know Jesus that evening.  Such a sweet moment.  It was a great weekend and a great way to end summer.  

Now, we are looking forward to officially ending summer with a trip to Destin next week with Trent's parents. 

What are your plans for Labor Day? 

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