Thursday, May 29, 2014

Throwback Thursday Stories: Week 7

In honor of this little one turning 7 on June 8th!!!

Elliot Joy // 2008

During my first year of teaching (2007-2008), I would sometimes go to Temple and help my sister out with her littles while her hubs was out of town.  I would spend the night then wake up early the next morning and drive to work.  This was one of those mornings.  

Elliot is such a joy, much like her name suggests.  She is our family's only girl, other than my mom and sisters, and she carries the princess title well.  I was in the room when she was born and that memory was all I had to go on when I was in labor.  She is all girl and crazy smart.  (Like 5th grade reading level as a kindergartener smart!)

She and I have shared many cuddles and painting nail sessions.  I absolutely love her and her spunky attitude and sweet spirit.

Just last week while we were in Salado, she was sitting on my lap and we were hugging.  I said, "If I never have a girl, will you still be my girl?"  She replied, "Even if you have a girl, I'll still be your girl."

Heart.  Melted.

And in true Elliot fashion, she added, "but I don't want to be the queen if you have a girl.  I still want to be a princess."

Okay, miss thang.  We can handle that.

You are adored, Elliot Joy.

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  1. Stopping over to visit from the Throwback Thursday linkup to say hello!

    What an adorable little girl! And I absolutely love her name! Elliot for a little girl? So fun and funky - when I first clicked on the post I didn't know what to expect. I adore it for a girl, though. Officially throwing it on my "guilty-pleasure-maybe-one-day-if-I-have-a-baby-girl" list. :D

  2. Super cute! I bet she was a fun little peanut! Hoping over from TBT...would love for you to check mine out, too!