Monday, July 28, 2014

The New Mexico // Part Uno

After we left my family, we drove to Roswell, NM for a mid-week show.  It wasn't too bad of a drive and we got into town with enough time to hit up the Target so I could get some nursing pads.

(Which makes me want to ask, am I alone in this?  Did any of you ladies have to wear nursing pads this long?  7 months and counting?  Anyone?  Bueller?)

We got settled in the hotel room and watched the Food Network, as we do.  (There was also quite a bit of Bravo.)  And can I just say my husband is so clever.  Just look at Oliver's room.  Sheet wall for the win.

Now, as nice as that set-up was for blocking out sound and light, it meant I had to climb over a luggage cart in the middle of the night to get Mister Man when he needed the milk.  I managed it quite nicely and only got one bruise. 

The next day, we went to lunch and then had to find an alien for Oliver to see.  They are everywhere, so we pulled into a parking lot and found one who had a flip phone. 

That night we play at FUMC Roswell.  

After sound check, we went to the chapel to pray and Oliver was able to catch a quick nap.  We hardly ever hold him while he naps anymore, so we relished the moment.

Not many people came to the show and that's always a little tough to swallow.  Part of the adventure and part of living by faith, I guess. But everyone was so sweet and had such nice things to say about the music.  Plus, some of Trent's family drove to see us!

The next morning, we drove to Melrose, NM to see Mama Pat and Papa Tuck.  We love our time with them.  Such good stories and wisdom!  We also got to visit with Pat's sister, Mary Helen, who came in for lunch.

It was a great visit.  Also, Oliver got to really move around.  They have carpet (our parents don't) and it's clean!  His little knees were so red but he loved being able to crawl and do some exploring.  (And chew on baskets and rugs.)

  We spent the night and left the next day for Fort Sumner for a wedding.

Stay tuned!

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