Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Georgia and Arkansas

A couple weeks ago, after having 3 weeks off, we drive to Hampton, GA to be with the fine folks at Berea Christian Church.  We hadn't been back to play there since Oliver was in my tummy (and even then we didn't know it was an Oliver) so it was fun to introduce him. 

The pastor and his wife, who have become like family, were totally cool with us coming a couple days early for a little getaway. They have an amazing guest house overlooking a pool and we've stayed with them many times. It's like a home away from home! We'd wake up, have coffee & breakfast, put Oliver down for a nap, take the monitor to the pool, where we'd float until he woke up. It was sooo relaxing and we were more than appreciative.

We led worship Sunday morning and Oliver did pretty well in the nursery. There was some fussing, but he survived. 

We had a concert that night at the church.  It was supposed to be in the park, but thunderstorms prevented that. Bummer. It ended up being great and Oliver napped with Janet in the back of the church in a rocker.  Sweet boy. 

And this is what we do for sound check now. Ha!

We went home for three days where I had fever and severe back pain.  Thank God for my husband.  I'm better now but whoa. Also, we started solids!

Then, we packed up and left for Arkansas. It had been too long since we stopped to see the Barlows so we made sure to do that this time.  (Plus, we borrowed more toys and a baby pool floatie.)

Saturday, we went to Fort Smith and got checked into the hotel where there was what seemed like 14 little league baseball teams running in the halls. I was proud I harnessed my instinct to tell them to KEEP IT DOWN I HAVE A BABY SLEEPING IN HERE because they eventually chilled out. 

And this is where I show all our classy: comforter partition to block light from baby, netflix on guitar, Wendy's frosty chilled in the mini fridge. Try not to be so envious of our life.

Sunday morning was great. We led worship and special music at Grace Community Church. Trent had been there many years ago, but this was my first time. Sweet people! Also, Oliver did super great in the nursery! Yay! 

At a pit stop, Oliver was nursing and couldn't stop messing with my earrings. So I got a pic. Which ended up looking like Kristen Wiig's doll hand goodness.

We had a great week off and a fabulous fourth with family! 

(More on that later.)

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