Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The New Mexico // Part Dos (And a little Texas, too.)

As I mentioned in my last post, we went to Fort Sumner, NM to go to Trent's sister's wedding.  We got to town on Friday to spend more time with the family because we weren't going to be able to stay long after the wedding.  

We couldn't get into the hotel when we got there, so we went to the Billy the Kid museum to take some pictures!

We had been there before in 2009…see?

We went to the rehearsal dinner and Oliver chowed down on some amazing guacamole.  Then on the wedding day, we got checked out and headed over to where the family was.  I knew the day was going to be tricky as far as naps go, so here are naps 1, 2, 3, and 4:

He is a trooper.

Kimberly and Tommy got married at Koontz Ranch.  It was beautiful!  I can see why people fall in love with the scenery in that part of the country.  Tommy was raised in Hawaii and Kimberly in Fort Sumner, so the wedding had island and western/Mexican flare. 

There were adorable tissue paper flowers in the trees.   

Hay for sitting with Mexican blankets.  And tiki torches on the side...

An old table draped with turquoise suede and candles was the backdrop for the vows.  And they stood on the hide! 

Cacti in colorful pots and votives on the brick wall...

Dinner menu written on an old mirror.  Love that!  (We didn't get to eat because we had to rush out.  Everything smelled amazing.)

The lineup.  So cute!

This was when the ranch owner had to go tend to a snake that was eating a bird.  So there was that.  (I think my heart has finally stopped pounding.)

This door, though.  In a little courtyard on the side of the house.  And with the storm rolling in?  Stop it.

Killing time before the wedding started...

Kimberly found these stickers (that are safe to eat) to put on sugar cookies.  Aren't they precious?  Hawaiian scenes and cowboys.  They did this instead of a groom's cake and they were DELICIOUS!

Before the wedding, it rained a ton.  Great for the area, but not on a wedding day.  But then I was told rain on your wedding day in Hawaii is good luck =)

The girls were in coral and tan and wore boots...

The guys in khaki and white with leis...

As soon as the vows were said, a rainbow appeared.  If that's not a blessing on a marriage, I don't know what is.

And O is now obsessed with solo cups.  

We had to leave immediately and drive 3 1/2 hours to Dumas, TX.  This was the sunset as we were leaving the ranch.  Breathtaking.

We got to Dumas at about 1:15 AM, got in the hotel, put Oliver in bed with us and got to sleep about 2:00 AM.  We got up at 7:00 to get to Grace Thru Fellowship.  We led worship and special music and even got to share our story a little bit because it went well with the sermon.  That was fun!  Everyone was great and we had just enough CDs.  How's that for perfect timing?!?

We left after church and drove to Amarillo to spend the night with Trent's parents before heading out the next day.  We all napped, including Oliver.  He slept for 3 hours!  Amen.

We had a short visit then had to say our goodbyes.  We split up the drive coming home, because it's 14 hours and that's just crazy.  Van Buren, AR is halfway so we stopped there and got to eat with some friends before getting to bed.

Oliver loves to do this when we stop at gas stations =)

And just to keep it real, here was a setup on the final stretch:  lovie in seat, blanket curtain, paci, iPhone on YouTube on the seat.  It was a bit rough.

But we made it home safely and are now working our butts off booking, writing, and raising a very active and into everything adorable boy.

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