Monday, June 19, 2017

{{ When Oliver Turned 3 }}

My sweet baby boy turned three (waaaaaaay back in December) and today, he's 3 1/2!  We were, of course, on the road, so there was no party, but we tried to make it special.

We started the day with a celebration in the hotel breakfast area.

I went and decorated it before we all went to eat and the balloons reminded me of weird boobs.  Oh well.

A couple presents!

The table next to us was eating during our "party."  Once they were finished, they got up and handed Oliver $10.  It was so sweet!!!  The lady said, "We didn't know it was your birthday!"  Which is adorable.  That meant, Oliver got to buy 2 new trucks at truck stops that day.  We rarely let him get toys on the road, so that was a big treat. 

I made sure to leave out a couple more gifts before we left town and he was super excited to walk in and see them when we got home. 

We finished the Day of O with a cupcake from a gas station and the Happy Birthday song.  

It was a sweet day.  I love this boy so much and am beyond proud of him.  He handles everything we throw at him with the best attitude.  Usually. 😏

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  1. What a perfect celebration on the road! He is so happy!! That smile 😍 and happy 3 1/2 today!!