Tuesday, May 8, 2012

we're a year older

My birthday is May 6th and Trent's is May 7th.  Different years, of course. So, when you roll that in with Cinco de Mayo and The Kentucky Derby, you've got some reasons to celebrate. 

Prior to our festivities beginning, we took a trip to the Cool Springs Mall.  I am here to tell you, that I am finally a TOMS owner.  I just love them.  Aren't they precious?  And I feel so dainty being able to purchase a size 10.

We also went to get Trent's free birthday sub at Which Wich.  I have one too, but we're spreading out the free stuff and waiting to redeem.  (I will also be going to Sephora to get my free birthday gift.  You should too).  

Cinco de Mayo at the pool.

If you're a friend of mine on the facebook, which you probably are, this is the shimmering sunscreen to which I referred.  I quite enjoy it.  It smells nice and I haven't gotten sunburned.  Trent is a trooper and isn't afraid to sparkle.  Next time, I'll read the label more thoroughly.  

I feel as though it is some kind of culinary crime to not eat guacamole on the 5th of May.  And we're rule followers people.  We are.  

Chorizo stuffed bell peppers with mixed vegetables.  Yum-town.  

May 6th...Let my birthday festivities commence!

My sweet morning note.  Yes, we call each other Button.  

Holding up my age: 32

I helped with Trent's.  He needed more fingers.

Birthday shoe pic.  

You only turn 32 once, right?  So, when a pirate on stilts offers to make you a tiara and corsage out of balloons, you don't say no.  It's simply un-American.

At Roberts.  One of our favorite places in Nashville.  AMAZING musicians with a rockabilly atmosphere.  

May 7th...Let Trent's birthday festivities commence!

Trent's birthday note.  Yes, we call each other Button.

My man loves a good Chinese buffet.  This one is quite good and is cheap, too.  That, my friends, is a win-win. 

Birthday dinner in Franklin.  We love Franklin.  You should go there.    

The Red Pony.  We've been waiting to try this place.

Trent ordered the following:
Duck Confit Rigatoni
Roasted Duck + Sun Dried Tomato + White Wine Cream + Chard + Pinenuts
(He loved it.  Loved it.  Loved it).  

I ordered this:
Please excuse the bad picture.  I am no photographer.  Especially when I'm in a fancy restaurant, trying to quickly take a picture of my food, with my phone, before the couple next to us notices.

Red Pony BLT 
Bacon + Lobster + Tomato served over Yukon Gold Ravioli + Truffled Corn Cream
(I wouldn't order it again).

Don't you hate when that happens?  It sounded so good.  It was extremely well thought out, interesting, and even tasty...for a few bites.  It was just weird.  I would choose a real BLT over it. 

Birthday cards from family.  I just love cards.  I'll keep them out for several days, then I'll save them.  I'm a card hoarder.  I am.

It was a great birthday weekend!  We don't feel like we've aged a bit =)

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