Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Christmas 2012...better late than never

Yes, I know it's almost February.  I'm a bit behind.  

We were blessed to spend our holidays with the fam in Texas.  This year was a bit different, in that we had our family Christmas at Great Wolf Lodge in Grapevine.  It's a little like Vegas for Kids.  They thought of everything possible to make sure the yunguns are always entertained. Here's some of my favorite shots. (The rest of the pics are on my Facebook.) 


The Howlin' Tornado slide?  Awesome.  But, the first time I rode it the young kid manning the slide that had a bit too much power lifeguard at the top made me go backwards!  After I told him I didn't want to.  At one point, actually several points, I thought I was going to die.  Maybe not die, but definitely get seriously injured. Trent still laughs about what my face looked like.  And, turns out my Uncle Gene was right when he told my dad "to wear a diaper on that slide."  I could've used it.  Not really.  But almost.

Christmas Eve we took Nana (it's also her b-day) to candle-light service at my childhood church.  I love it.  I hadn't been in forever and Trent had never been to the church either.  It really is beautiful.  I always cry when the packed church sings Silent Night with candles held up.  Wonderful.  Afterward, we went to, of all places, Chili's for some grub.  It took forever and we got a free dessert. (Score.)  We also got Nana a dessert and sang to her.  I don't think she was super thrilled about it, but oh well.  Then we went to her house so she could open gifts.

So many memories in that living room.  Her tree is my favorite.  She has a story for every ornament and I am lucky enough to have a few she's given me for our tree. 

And Daddy there?  He has sat there since pre-1980.  I know this for sure.    Probably in that same position.  Poised ever so comfortably.

We headed to my parents house and Mom started cooking for the next morning.  Hidden apple coffee cake and breakfast casserole is tradition for Christmas morning.  (And yes, I told gluten to shut up when I ate it.)  We ended the night watching Christmas Vacation.  Nothing says "Happy Birthday Jesus" quite like that movie.  Am I right?   

Christmas morning, my mom and dad exchanged gifts and I was Santa =)

Daddy and his Floyd Casey Stadium memorabilia.  

I was explaining Mom's gift.  She loved it.  It was a moment.  (They are 9 wooden blocks, letters and scriptures, that you can arrange to spell different things.)  From DaySpring.

Family movie time! Blurry picture time!

Christmas night the Selfs came over and spent the night.  (The Barlows couldn't because it was their Christmas with the other side of the family.)  The older nuggets played Kids vs Parents against, well, their parents. Duh. It was adorable.  They won!  Smarty pants. 

And then Nathan and Caleb played chess.  

After the kiddos had had their share of donuts delivered by Paads we just hung out.  The boys loved flying their new helicopter!  

Griffin wanted Julie and me both to snuggle him while he watched a movie.  He said, "this is perfec!"  I mean, melt. My. Heart.   

They were about to leave, so Elliot and I were enjoying some hang time.  Love that girly girl!

We absolutely adored our time with my side of the family.  I get attached and so I always cry when I leave.  I'm sure I always will.  We left and headed to Amarillo for NYE... 

Stay Tuned!

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