Thursday, January 31, 2013

Throw Back Thursday: Sporty Spice.

Today, Maddie over at Thriftary has a Throw Back Thursday Link-up.  It's fun to look at everyone's awesome pictures.  Head over and take a gander, if you will.

(She's also designing my blog and I CANNOT wait to show y'all)

(Yes, I took this picture with my phone from my scrapbook.  And yes I went outside to do it.  And who cares if I was in my robe?)

A few things I'd like to point out:
1.  My sister in the pic?  Today's her birthday!  Happy b-day T-Bird.
2.  I hated soccer.  Too much running.  I scored one goal my whole career (1 season) and it was for the other team.
3.  Notice my shoes are velcro and not cleats and pink.  My parents were smart to not invest, I guess.
4.  In the picture, I feel like I look a lot like my nephew, Griffin. 

Happy Throw Back Thursday! 


  1. Oh my gosh! This pic is AMAZING!!! So glad you linked up!!!

    1. Haha!!! Thanks! My sister was not thrilled =)