Saturday, March 10, 2012

Camping is IN-TENTS

Get it?  I even have it on a t-shirt:  

Aren't I classy?

(Don't answer that)

While on the road, if we have some time off and we are going to be in a cool/nice/great area (i.e., Florida) we camp.  It's a great way to have a cheap and enjoyable vacation!  Here's some pics of our time...

First of several food runs.  We take menu planning quite seriously.

The ever important citronella candle.  A light source that also keeps pesky bugs away?  Yes, please.

The first campground was at Jonathan Dickinson SP in South Florida.  

Gotta have a coffee pot for the morning while you cook (or if you're like me, while your husband cooks).  Please take this time to notice the pot is on a pillowcase (classy).  This is because I'll do anything to save a buck.  That includes not buying a tablecloth. 

Peppers and onions in a cast iron skillet.  Yum.

We got to camp on our 2nd anniversary!  

Late night fire and late night cards.

Let me just say, I'm not a fan of raccoons.  My husband thinks they're cute "mouse-bunnies." We named this little guy Frank.  Trent chased him with a flashlight and his guitar. Frank was not afraid of us.  Frank also went and told his raccoon friends that we had scraps of food in our fire pit that we hadn't burned yet.  His friends weren't afraid of us either.  One of them scraped Trent's leg.  We also had an armadillo that we named Kramer.  He was afraid and therefore, we could not document.

Spot #2 was near Daytona, FL at St. Johns River Campground.

We brought Christmas lights to put on our tent.  I like them.  They're sassy and fun without being too fancy. (Classy).  While remembering to pack the lights, I forgot the rubber mallet used to drive the tent stakes into the ground.  Oops.  (Luckily my man is not an angry one and luckily the FL ground is soft).

The inside:  Two box fans?  Check.  Tie-dye blanket?  Check.  My bedspread from 6th grade?  Check.

Wal-mart find:  $1 turquoise!  I know.  I almost lost it myself.  AND it matches my tennis shoes.  

The true test of a good cook should be the following:  outdoors, 12" grill, coals, wind, leaves and sand and dirt, and limited room to do anything.  This man can cook.

Can you see the dirt on my shorts?  I wore them for 7 days.  Why get another pair dirty and smelly?  (Classy).

After 5 nights of camping, this girl is HAPPY to be in a hotel.  With guest laundry, showers that don't require flip-flops, and no need to pop-a-squat for the inevitable middle-of-the-night full bladder.

We love camping and can't wait to do it with Monk nuggets!  Do you camp?  

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  1. Oh Shellie you are hilarious. I love to watch your blog! I have 2 of you girls that blog and entertain me often. I also pray for you both as you travel and share the talents God has given you both. Trent's music and your ability to make people laugh! My prayer is God will watch over you where ever you are (tent, hotel, car. etc)and that He will direct your paths as you continue to travel.