Tuesday, August 13, 2013

A weekend in Arizona

While we were in Hampton, GA, we received an email from a church in Tucson, Arizona, asking us if we were available the weekend of August 3-4.  We did have that weekend available but we weren't in the area, so I responded to the email saying that we would love to come, but it would have to be a fly date.  

Trent and I figured that it probably wouldn't happen (flights are expensive, if you haven't heard) and that was totally fine; we'd hit them up the next time we were in the area.  Much to our surprise, the church agreed to fly us in to do their FIVE (yes, five) weekend services.  

We booked our travel to fly out on Friday and back on Monday.  You know, so we wouldn't be rushed and we could have a leisurely time getting there.  Oh, but just you wait...

The trip started at the Nashville airport (duh) and when we were waiting to board the plane, we saw some famous people.

First, LeAnn Rimes and her husband.  (I don't know his name and I really don't feel like googling it.)  They had on sunglasses indoors because they are very fancy.  And I resisted the urge to grab a selfie with LeAnn while husband was in the bathroom.

THEN.  We saw Deacon (Charles Esten) from one of our favorite shows, Nashville.  He was with what I assume was his family (adorable wife and girls) and I'm proud to announce he was keeping it real by eating Popeyes Chicken, while sitting on the floor, with no sunglasses.  Well played, Deacon.  Well played.  

I really wanted to go up to him and make sure he didn't die in the last episode and tell him to get sober.  But, I refrained.  

So, we boarded the plane.  And I was so excited to be on my first fly date.

But then, after an hour of "a maintenance problem" that required "troubleshooting," we had to get off the plane (so did everyone else) and figure out other flight options.  Oh joy.  Delta did a great job, I will say.  We got food vouchers and merchandise vouchers.  (That meant we had a free dinner and a I bought a free book.)

Our best option option was flying out the next morning at 6 AM.  And no, I didn't bother changing clothes.

Thankfully, the flight to Arizona had no issues and we landed in Phoenix, got our rental car, and headed to Tucson. (It was cheaper to fly to Phoenix and drive to Tucson.  Go figure.)  Our car was a Prius and you should have seen us trying to figure out how to get that thing going.  Hilarious. 

*Side note:  we drove all weekend, over 200 miles or so, for about $22.  And now we are Prius believers.*

So, we drove to Tucson, got checked into the hotel, changed clothes and went straight to sound check.  After sound check, we went to the other campus to sound check and get ready for the Saturday evening service.  

All went well; everyone loved the songs we sang!  By the time we packed up and left the church and went back to the hotel for dinner, this is how we felt.

Exhausted.  Thankful, but exhausted.

The next morning was back and forth between 2 campuses and 4 services.  It flowed quite well and everything went off without a hitch.  And my word.  The congregations were so engaged and appreciative and sweet.  

We absolutely loved our time at Calvary Tucson and send a BIG THANK YOU to Paul who brought us in.

(And he also took us to eat Jordanian food, which was fabulous.)

The weekend feels kind of like a blur, but it was wonderful!  A fruitful weekend for sure and we are so thankful.

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