Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Oliver is 5 months!

Dear Oliver,

You are 5 months old and we cannot believe it!  You are changing and growing so much.  We measured you at Grammie's house, so these aren't as accurate as they are at the doctor's office:

18 lbs
28 inches

You have really started "talking" and telling us all about stuff.  Your mumbles and coos are the most precious thing!  You are such a happy baby, but you have had some meltdowns when you've been away from us.  Diapering you has become a bit more challenging because you are ALWAYS MOVING AND SQUIRMING.

You still haven't cut any teeth but you are trying so hard to!  You have found your peepee and like to grab it and I'm sure you're going to be mad at me one day for putting that out there for people to read.  And you like to take out your paci and try to put in back in your mouth.  You're getting close!  You have also found your feet and you LOVE to suck on your toes. 

Which is one of the reasons we are still swaddling you at night.  If we didn't, you'd try all night long to get those puppies in your mouth.  The naps you take are short and sporadic but you sleep well in the car, which works well for us!  And you love grabbing my hand to soothe you.

You've even started grabbing my face and putting my chin in your mouth!  I just know it's you giving me kisses =)

Your hair has started to fall to the side because it's growing so long.  It makes you look like a little boy and not a baby!

You are really rolling over a lot and trying with all your might to go from your back to your tummy.  We haven't introduced you to real food yet, but you sure do watch us eat!  You also like to watch Praise Baby and Baby Einstein videos…whenever we put them on, which is very rare.

You've met some babies and love kids...as long as they don't take out your paci.  You've also met some dogs.  You weren't sure what to think at first, but you like them now…as long as they don't jump up on you.

You went to your first bike rally.  Maybe it's your last?

Sometimes in the morning, I'll put you in bed with us for a little nap and it's the cutest.  It's hard to not do it all the time.

Everyone talks about how bright-eyed and alert you are.  You've been to two different news studios and a newspaper office.  You're still holding firm at 14 states, but we'll definitely add to that this summer.  

You've started to get very distracted when you eat and you have even start leaning backwards.  It's hilarious.

It seems like you've been with us forever.  You fit our little family so well and we can't imagine doing life without you.  You are our little trooper and we thank you.  Sometimes when you're in bed, your daddy and I just stare at you, in awe of just how special you are.  We love you more than you will ever know!  

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