Saturday, March 24, 2012

Daytona and St. Augustine

We love Florida.  We are lucky to be able to go there often. 

We were near Daytona Beach while camping and it was bike week.  So, we ventured down to check it out.  Very, very interesting. 
The closest we got to the beach that day.  Sad face.  It was yucky and rainy.  However, I wore a new tank top.  I like it.  It's from the Walmart.  It was $3.88.  
Now to St. Augustine.  Our dear friends, Bryan and Renee Lamoureux, planted a church called Reverb and Trent performed special music.  Here's Trent and Bryan talking music stuff.  In-ear monitors, to be exact.  
*Note: if I ever get a pair of my own, I want them to be pretty and blingy in either hot pink or turquoise* 
Reverb meets in a middle school and the set-up is awesome!  Doesn't even feel like a school.
One of my adopted nieces, Taylor.  (Bryan and Renee's youngest).
Ashtyn and Renee!  (My other adopted niece and my adopted sister).
This was the end of our run, so we made it a priority to get some beach time.  We are beach bums at heart.  
Here's my book choices:
We take our beach time very seriously.  Like, we sit there for 6 hours (or longer).  On this particular day, we decided to stay planted until the tide reached our toes. 

We already miss it.  It's chilly and rainy here in Nashville today. Thank you, Florida.  We'll see you in June!

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