Thursday, March 22, 2012

Sweet Words from a Stanger

Sometimes, fans will send Trent messages on Facebook or an occasional email.  We enjoy reading all of them.  We save them, we re-read them, and now I want to share one.  First, listen to "What Soldiers Do."  Trent doesn't do this song very often anymore, but he will if it is requested.  Anyway, this message is from a military wife whom we've never met.  I've changed her son's name, but the story remains incredible.  Enjoy.

I never had the chance to meet you and your wife when you did the Young Life benefit concert but my husband had the nicest things to say about you two. He had me listen to your song, "What Soldiers Do", and of course, it brought tears to my eyes back then. He's recently been sent away again for another deployment, and he showed the song to our oldest son, Cade (6yrs old). He used it as a complete outline for his pre-deployment talk with him, and Cade loved it. Cade listens to that song every single day, and every time he does, he cries. He recently called my mother-in-law to talk, and told her about the song too. She listened to it with him over the phone, and heard him crying and singing along. He said to her, "It's okay that it makes me cry, Nana, because it makes me feel closer to him too. Dad said soldiers can cry too." A couple of nights ago, I woke up in the middle of the night to the sound of Cade sobbing so loudly. I figured he must've been having a bad dream, but when I walked into his room, he was hugging his little e-reader, listening to that song, and just crying away. I was speechless. This situation isn't listed anywhere in the "parent handbook". He looked up at me, face all wet and eyes swollen, and said, "I know I have school in the morning, but I just miss him so much, and this song works when I miss him. It makes me remember him talking to me. Can I listen to it just one more time?" So, I listened to it with him in his bed, just one more time, then one more time, then one more...until he fell asleep.

Thank you so much for what you do. I know there must be days when you wonder if you're doing the right thing or not, when you wonder if you're walking the path that God wants you to walk, and I just want to encourage you to continue whatever it is that makes you feel closest to our Father. I appreciate you, my husband appreciates you, and most importantly, our little boy appreciates you. If you ever find yourself back this way again, please bring the family by. I'd love to make dinner for you all some time!

God Bless you, and your family for what you all do!

We read that in a coffee shop in St. Augustine, FL and the tears flowed.  Kind words like this keep us going on the days where this business gets hard.  She didn't have to take the time to type that, but she did. And it came at an important time.  God bless her and her family and we thank THEM for what THEY do.   

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