Wednesday, March 14, 2012

*** The First Leg ***

Like I blogged about in this post, February was a bit slow.  We were *and are* excited to be busy and back on the road.  So, here is the night before leaving Nashville...for about 3 weeks.
The car. We call him Chuck. Clearly you can see that there's not much room for anything else.  (Don't tell my dad; he would not approve).  
Don't worry.  This was taken at a red light.  (At least, I'm pretty sure it was).
First stop was Boca Raton, FL.  We love's beautiful.  Trent did special music at Boca Raton FUMC for both campuses.  I didn't get pics there, but I did capture the view from our room at the Tift's house.  I would not mind waking up to that everyday.  Right? 
On our way to camp, we had to stop and document this beach.  It was breathtaking and I want to go back to there.  
Next stop was in Plantation, FL at Victory Life Church.  I just loved this set-up.  And the candles had a yummy, honeysuckle smell. (Or something like that...I'm not completely up on all the floral scents).  And I liked it.
I just love church babies.  I love all babies, really.  It's just most church babies seem to be more "cool" with being held by complete strangers.  
It was a great show.  The students (youth and college) loved it!
Then we camped and headed to Orange Park, FL.  Trent did AM and PM youth events for Orange Park UMC.  Their youth house is awesome and they always feed us s'mores.  We leave wanting 'some more'... *ba dum bum*
On this particular night, there was a love offering taken for us.  (Love offerings are common in what we do).  A teenager came up to Trent and said, "Man, I love your music.  I don't have any money to give you, but I have $40 in movie passes that I'd like to give you, if you like movies."  We, of course, said yes and were thankful and appreciative.  Now, obviously, we can't pay bills with movie passes, BUT, the heart behind this donation was precious, genuine and humbling.  It's one of those moments we'll never forget.  (And we love movies).
On this run and the one to follow, we're doing some radio interviews.  The first was at HOPE FM in Palatka, FL.
Craig asked if I wanted to be on air.  I politely denied the offer.  Trent is so good and it's just not my favorite thing to do.  Had Craig offered me bacon, I might've changed my mind.  
I kid, I kid.
(Kind of).  
And time for Chuck to get a good scrubbin'... 

We had fun and are now in Georgia!  Stay tuned...

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